Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekend Blast

Last weekend was our first swim for 2017. Heheh! Makigaya lang sa mga post ng mga tao sa FB about their firsts for this year. =P

Daryl and I decided to have a sleepover at Mama Belen's condo just so Jami will get the chance to go out that week. He was left in the house with Nanay so to ease the boredom and mejo maka refresh lang sa kanya, it was a great escape.

Hahahah! Please disregard Daryl, I didn't have an idea na naka nganga sya, until I saw the photo! Hehe wacky kung wacky talaga. Angelo was there too. He was the kid beside Jami. Super BFF silang dalawa.

We had some fun using an app Boomerang as well. I just don't know how to share it here in the blog but if you wish to check the videos, go follow me at @its_mommy_jen on instagram.

 Since we arrived late in the afternoon, we decided to skip the night and swim the next morning instead. Given the very cold weather today, ang hirap maligo without hot water. Hehe.

The next day, we woke up around 10am, had some bread and off to a nearby karinderya. Daryl wanted to bring me here since last year. He kept on telling me na okay daw dito, maganda daw etc. So I guess I'll give him this day to bring me to this karinderya. Hehe. Although madalas na namin nadadaanan to, I never get the chance to try their menus and hang out there at all. I think he and his friends ate there couple of times and they loved that there was a videoke and very small airconditioned room for those who wishes to sing their heart out.

We were able to buy our ulam the night before from this Karinderya so I pretty much got familiar with the place. It was maaliwalas so it's a really good start. We dined in for lunch time so well ventilated ang place. We ordered Sinigang na Buto-buto for me and Jami, Bagnet with Rice for Daryl and Hotsilog for Angelo. We decided to sit inside their airconditoned (very small) room for Jami's convenience. 

I would say their ulam is just normal. Mas masarap pa luto ng byenan ko but I was thrilled with their Mango Shake. Daryl insisted that I'll try their shake so I ordered one. 

Mango Shake for 55 pesos!
I was amazed. It has whipped cream kaya mejo nag iba ang lasa. I was amazed in a sense na with this serving, it's 55 pesos only! Hehe. Although if they could just make a longer straw to come with it, mas okay. Mejo malalim kasi yung lalagyan so it's better if they have a longer straw.

After we ate, we went swimming na agad. Mga excited lang talaga. 

I was so glad to see Jami swimming in the water kahit malamig ang weather. Mahangin that time but look at him, he's smiling and all. I kept on asking if he's feeling cold so we can stop na but he said he wasn't until I noticed that he's starting to chill so I said stop na talaga kami and he didn't throw tantrums at all. Ayan lang naman ang maganda sa batang yan, he knows how to compromise. Lol! =)

We had a 3 days weekend last week and I was hoping we could spend time in the mall - watch movies, dine out and shop but I guess, simple weekends like these do matter a lot. Just as long as everyone is happy, it's all worth it. =)

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