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Hello everyone!


Kinda late for my New Year's Goal but it's better than never! Hehe.

Anyway, just like everybody else who are so happy to start a new beginning, I am really positive that some of the goals that I missed in 2016 will have it's way to success this year. I can feel it! Charot! hehehe. But yeah, I know I can do it.

Last year, I have divided my goals in to 3. I had Financially, Family and Blog Goals. Click here if you want to read them.This year, I divided my goals in to 4 to make it more specific. I have Financially, Family, Relationship and Personal Goals. Under these Goals, I have listed down my sub-goals along with an official hashtag of #WiserMe2017. I saw the idea from ReigningStill blog and I found it really helpful to remind me of my one ultimate goal this year - to become Wiser.

So here are the sub-goals that I have written down on my planner and I can't wait to accomplish them this year. =)

Personal Goals

This is the first time that I'll have this category. It's sort of a self-improvement goals and I am very positive that I'll be able to achieve these for the year. =)

* Attend Workshops - This year, I am looking forward to attend baking workshops so I could accept cake orders for birthdays. I want to upgrade my skills and craft to make sure that I'll be able to deliver a wonderful cake to my future clients. I know how it feels to have an ugly cake on the most important occasion (during Jami's first birthday that's why I never get to include it on my post before) so I want to have a professional background first before accepting any. =)

*Hair Transformation - The last time I had my hair pampered was in June 2015. Imagine how long it was? Going 2 years na! Haha! It wasn't a necessity for me so I whenever I get the money enough to treat myself to a Salon, I always think that it could go a long way. Lol! So hinay - hinay lang, I know I could get it done this year. =)

*Vaccine - Last year, I was able to get myself a Flu (and my family) and Cervical Vaccine courtesy of our office's installment offer. It was deducted against our payroll and got the vaccine for less than Php2,000 per per shot.This year, I am looking to get another Flu shot for me and family.

*Loose weight - My target this year was to shed some pounds. My target was at least 20 pounds for the first 6 months. Mejo konti ba? I knew my capacity so I won't ask myself to become skinny. I know I will never be (ever since) so I am being kind to myself by just asking it to loose some pounds. Hehehe. =)

*Me-Time - From the time that I became a Mom, I never had a time for myself. I always want Daryl and Jami to be with me everywhere and every time. I guess what I want to achieve here is the chance to be able to restore my confidence. I don't shop for clothes anymore because (1) I no longer know my size (2) I am so worried that they will get bored that's why I am always in a hurry to fit the clothes kaya hindi ko na talaga alam ang size ko. Lol! Alam mo naman ang woman, when you say Me-Time, for sure shopping yan! hahahah.

*Read another book - I want to be able to read another book this year. I was never a bookworm so I don't pressure myself in reading more book this year. I actually prefer a financial book and I am eyeing the new book that Chinkee Tan just released. That's the "Raising up Money Wise Kids". I am just waiting for our budget to allow me to buy this book. =)

*Be Punctual - I lost a lot of money because I am not punctual all the time. I never get the chance to get promoted because of it. hehe! Well, I am late because I am lazy to go to work just like the old times (talking about dalaga times) but with some errands and small business that I am into. All I need is more of a Time Management to get them all sorted out. I started from January 2 and I am punctual for the last 10 days. Hahahaha! I know I could do this and my target will be until end of March to begin with. I want this to become a habit so I could pass this trait to Jami.

Well at this time, that's what I have written in my planner. If there's anything that I could think of along the way, I'll just add them here.

Family Goals

Last year we were able to hit 2/5 so this is really needs an improvement.

*Travel - Last year, we had the chance to travel to Boracay again for some beach time. We were really happy and now looking forward to have another travel. It doesn't matter if it's just within the country but syempre out of the country will be more than acceptable diba? Hahaha.

*Family Time - Weekends are family time. Regardless if we have a budget to go out or just hang out at home, as long as we are together, we are happy with it.

*Home Cooked Meals - Last year was a great year for my cooking skills. I was able to cook a lot and even prepared for the holidays myself. I want to learn more recipes that I can cook at home. It was actually hitting two birds in one stone because home cooked meals are healthier and cheaper. =)

*Staycation - I know I have written staycation last year as well but we weren't able to get one. It is a recycled goal since I want us to experience the night away from home but still be in the city. I am eyeing some sale vouchers around but it wasn't a priority so this could wait.

*Photoshoot - About a year ago, we had our first birthday and family photoshoot. I want to repeat the experience at least every two years. Photoshoot are kind of expensive you know. =D

Relationship Goals

Another category that I included this year is my relationship goals with Daryl and I. I want us to have our own time together without talking about Jami and the house, just the two of us.

*Eat Out/Date NightMovie together/Spa Together - Daryl and I seldom go out of our own. Madalas yan whenever he picks me up after work and we are hungry, saka lang kami nakaka kain sa labas pero yung tipong fast food lang lagi or cheap alternatives. That is mostly I go out at 11:15pm so we don't want a very heavy meal. Due to tight budget, we don't get to watch movies or even go to a spa at all. I want this year to be different. Yung tipong meron talagang date and time that we will go on a date together just like what we used to do before Jami.

*Cuddle and Kiss more often - I want us to increase the cuddle time and of course a kiss from when we got home or before we leave the house. We do but I want more! Char! hahahah.

*Complement more - One thing that we often forget is to complement our partners more. We used to when we were younger, pag bagong damit or bagong hair-do. I want to make sure that we still have that spark so when I noticed that he shaved his beard, I will voice out that he looks neat and pogi. Just those simple things diba? =)

*Understand each other more - Just like any other couple, we fight. There are times pa nga that we fight till we hurt each other so much but then I realized it wasn't right. For any small things that he does that annoys me, I am trying my best to breathe in and breathe out just so we won't end up with a cat fight. I know he does the same all the time. Hehehe =)

Financial Goals

It was a 2/4 for me last year so I am working really hard to at least have the chance to achieve most of them if not all. I pretty much have the same lists from last year including the School Fund for Jami's schooling and a Travel Fund.

*Beef up Emergency Fund - By the end of 2016, I was really happy that I get to save some. Mostly came from our profit in Baking. I was really glad that we started to save and that I am working on it to progress even more. Although the amount is very low, I set down a target amount for the next 6 months. I know that God will provide and give us what we deserve. =)

*School Fund - I am looking forward for this year since Jami will begin another milestone half way thru the year. I want him to start school and I have to allocate an amount to it. I am torn between a Barangay Day Care Center or a Nursery in one of a Private Schools. Whatever it is that we will decide on, I am looking to have at least some amount for his tuition fee or any school expenses. It's better that we're ready. My target is only Php10,000 until end of April 2017.

* Coin to Piggy Bank - Last month, Daryl and I started to save our coins. I have this plastic container that we are using now to put our coins. Most of the time, I would ask Jami to put all the coins in it. I can see he enjoys it at the same time, he's able to practice his counting. The reason we're doing this is so Jami would adapt into this habit of putting aside money. I personally wanted the money saved to go to his passbook.

*Travel Fund - Since we want to travel at least once a year, we have to have a travel fund. Honestly, I don't know where we'll get the money for it since we are a one income household at the moment. But then, any small amount saved will get big later on. Lol!

*More Sideline/Additional Income - I am still very active in baking and selling my goods. I have a reseller here in the office and she's in-charge of selling everything for a fee. I am really glad I was able to make this a dream come true. I have been wanting to bake since 2 years ago and to think that it was no longer just a dream is a big accomplishment for me. =)

*SSS Loan Update -I haven't been able to go to any SSS branch yet but I heard of their Loan Restructuring Program and I am looking forward to take advantage of that. My officemate who had the same case with me went in one of their branch and I heard that they offer a very good deal so I will surely allot a day to go to an SSS branch soon.

I am feeling good about this year although there were some mishap as early as now. I know that it's too early to get demotivated and that I could always control the end result if I'll do better in it. It will be a #WiserMe2017 so let's rock on shall we?!

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  1. Good luck on all your goals, Jen! Pinaka kaisa mo ako sa weight loss goal mo, hehehe. I also gained a lot of weight last year that I wanna lose this year! :)


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