Friday, February 24, 2017

Home Schooling Jami

I remember when I was starting school, computers and gadgets are out of way, my Mom would teach me the alphabets, ABAKADA, vowels, consonants. She thought me how to read and write at home while she was sewing some clothes. Though I didn't have all good memories while being taught at home, I owe everything to my Mom, brother and sisters. They taught me well, I just don't have the focus. See, I wasn't really good at school. I mean, So-so. :p

It's been a week since I started teaching Jami the alphabet. I want him to become familiar to the basics before he goes to school in the coming months. I know it's kinda late, I didn't realize he's still not familiar to it until I noticed that he's being too focused in playing mobile games than the educational apps that I downloaded on my phone.

So couple of nights ago, I introduced him to STUDY TIME. Meaning, we will discourage the use of gadgets and will learn the basics (alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes on our own).

We started with Alphabets. I had no trouble with letter A to H because he often sees them in one of his educational apps. Unfortunately, the app needs me to purchase the second half of the alphabet set. I didn't buy them because I know there were a lot more cheaper version like teaching him myself.

Anyhow, I had a hard time making him focus during our first day. I had to scold him once because he's trying to trick me by making stories away from what we were doing.

After 4 days of having at least 30 minutes of "Study Time", he was able to get himself familiarize with 23 out of 26 letters. I was looking forward to ace it in a week's time and we still have 3 more days! Yey!

Screen Shot with one of our video session
So how did I manage to teach him the alphabets? I specifically would want to apply this tips to myself because I know that I can be very forgetful at times. Just like any first time moms, these are the things that I have noticed in the past couple of days that Jami and I started our Study Time. I may add more in the future but these are the basics that I could think of.

1.) Focus. How could a child focus on the task if you aren't focus on what you are teaching him as well. Kids nowadays are very intelligent. They will try their best to get your attention away from the task so they can get away with it. You have to show them that your are focused in your "new game". Put the phone down and give your full attention.

2.) Patience. Given that they are very tricky, they will also show you that they are bored. You have to make the "study time" more fun by thinking about a style of teaching that would look interesting to them. First couple of days will be really hard because they will incur a lot of mistakes, or you have to repeat yourself for more than 10 times for them to get it but then, that's the purpose of your study time.

3.) Be Creative. Internet offers a lot of ideas on how to make your study time colorful and fun. Look at Pinterest to get some inspirations, DIYs, etc. It will caught their attention and would likely to remember what you are teaching them. What I was doing is to take videos while he's memorizing the letters. Why? Because he loves watching videos. When I tried it once, he tried his best to answer again when the letters are shown in the video. I realized that it is more likely for him to retain the lesson when we do it his way.

4.) Do it Habitually. You can't make them memorize or learn things in one sitting so you always have to make sure to spend time to teach them. It can be a very good bonding experience for both of you when enjoyed. You just have to make sure that your study time would not make an impression that it's dull or scary. Don't make your kids feel that they are inferior. Compliment if they did something good towards your lessons or if they behave well. The key to making sure that study time is successful is to make a habit of studying. It's a good jumpstart for when they start to go to school.

5.) Don't Compare. NO PRESSURE. Our child grows up on their own timeline. You don't have to compare them to another child who knows the alphabet or basic things ahead than your kids. They learn and retain information differently. I, for example retains lessons or information visually rather than just being told. Study your child's habit and the way they learn. Follow their cue and they would lead you to success.

Being a teacher can be a real challenge but being the teacher and the Mom is a lot more challenging. You don't settle for less as you want your kids to be successful, intelligent, with good study habit etc. We all want that but you have to accept that there are different factors affecting the child so you have to make sure that you study your kids' way of learning things. As I said, study time is a very good bonding moment. It's more fulfilling that you were able to teach them your own rather than letting them learn thru gadgets.

P.S We have yet to buy stuff like pencils, crayons, papers etc to support our growing needs of studying at home. I hope we could pull this of. =)

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