Friday, February 10, 2017

Jami's Milestone at Three

Being a parent is a huge responsibility. From conception to birth, to taking care of them until they are ready to conquer the world on their own. Just like any first time Moms, I am enjoying this phase that Jami is on. He's 3 years old and is very talkative. I am being surprised with what he knows and amused by what he could say at his age. Looking back on my blog, I realized that in the past months, I haven't been able to write anything about Jami's milestone which somehow makes me sad kasi hindi ko na maaala exactly how it happened.

Anyhow, I'll write about those that I could still remember.

Since he was over 1 year old, Jami started speaking one to two words. To date, I didn't realize that he can now tell a story! He says so many things, laging meron gustong sabihin! There are times that you'll get annoyed because he's talking too much on days that you want to have a peace of mind. Lol! There were days that you are too busy but he keeps on asking questions like

"Mommy anong ginagawa ng feet ko?"
"Mommy bakit sya nagtakbo?"
"Mommy bakit sya nag grumpy?"

and just everything that he notices, he'll ask questions. We'll I can't be any happier because I know that he's being observant of his surroundings. Yun nga lang, endless talaga ang questions. I can't help not to answer his questions naman because I can see myself on him. Manang - mana sakin yan eh. Even to date, ganyan ako magtanong sa mga bagay na hindi ko naiintindihan, lagi pang may follow up questions hahaha! I remember I watched a video on facebook where the kid kept on asking questions but the mother was too busy. Later on when her kid became a grown up, she notices that something is wrong with her kid so she asked if they could talk pero ang sagot ng kid was NO. She's old enough to handle things. Sad diba? I know that most parents realized how time flies really fast so it's important to be on our kids' side. =) So the moral of the story? Just answer the damn question regardless how silly it is.

I remember once when Jami was watching Lion Guard on Disney Junior.

Jami: Mommy anong color ng water? (sea water)
Me:  Blue, Anak.
Jami: Blue? Bakit hindi Pink?
Me: Ahmmmmmmmmm.......... mental blocked.

Hahahaha! Well, he's actually referring to a color white. He's confused with Pink and White and he often says, "Mommy bakit pink?" but he was looking at a white short.

I am amazed everyday with all the things that he says. I can't believe that at this stage, he could make sense of the things around him. I am just so proud!

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