Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017 and More Update

Hi everyone, how's your Valentine's Day so far? I know a lot of couple who are having their best time today because of their posts on social media sites. Let's spread Love! :)

So how's mine?

Ayun, I am at work at the moment. I know right? Hahaha! I am going out at 10:30pm so there's really nothing  much that Daryl and I could do. No movies, no flowers, no chocolates, no eat outs - just like the way I want it to be. Actually I am not fond of Valentine's Day being celebrated. If Daryl will give something for me, I will appreciate it with my whole heart but if not, it won't cause a fight. Unlike courting age where you'll somehow feel sad of not having anything given to you, adulthood is something different. I saw some of Mommy Bloggers on Facebook who aren't as eager to celebrate this day too. Why? Because we have different priorities now. We are very conscious of spending money on flowers that will wither over time, or chocolates that will only harm your body.

Wow, lolang - lola lang?? Hahahah!

But yeah, I don't feel bad at all. I am happy with my friends getting special treatments or getting special gifts but for me, bago mo ko ibili ng gift could we make sure we have savings? Lol. #beingpractical101

Anyway, I have some update about my goals that I have written here.

Exactly a week ago, I have decided to start loosing weight. Although it was really written as one of my goals this year, I didn't focus on it until last week. I realized how much weight I have gained for half a year and I have to shed some weight for a month. Last year's Annual Physical Exam that's required from work said I was 62-63kgs. Surprisingly, I weigh 65kgs last week!! Could you imagine that? Instead of weight loss, I am gaining them. It appeared that I am overweight for my height and my Body Mass index was screaming at me. Given my height, I should only weight 45kgs - 60kgs so I am 5kgs over. It was a really sad realization. =(

What I did was to download and application on my phone to let me know how much calorie I am taking for a day. Before I go on crunches and exercise, I have to work on my diet as well. It is recommended that I'll take 1200cal/day for me to loose weight so I used the My FitnessPal App and it was really user friendly. Given the millions of food that's on their database, I am surprised they have Filipino food listed along with their calories and other nutrients included in it. 

The screenshots were the first two days that I am eating 1,200 calories. I also ditched rice for 3 days and ate at least a cup per day on a weekend. I am into the program only for a week so I don't have a stable background to let you know if this works or not.

I know I have to do something about my weight and make sure I won't gain anymore unwanted pounds. My goal is just to get my weight proportioned to height so that gives me 5kgs to take off. I am giving myself a month to work on that 5kgs and would set more goals in the future. Just one target at a time so not to make things complicated or very hard to achieve. It's been a week since I started my diet and hopefully, I'll be able to eliminate some and not gain more.

I'll update you in the future so don't worry. =)

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