Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A weekend at Austin Land, SM Southmall

Two weekends ago, I brought Jami to Austin Land again. After my last post here, we never had the chance to go back. Most of the time kasi, we just play inside Timezone with Daddy. Ayaw kasi nya to accompany Jami inside the play area, gusto nya ako, eh there were times that I am wearing a skirt so hindi pwede. The perfect timing came (just Jami and I) so I let Jami play inside.

He probably forgot the first time he was there kasi he didn't mention any of it during our stay.

We paid Php150 for one hour of play. We brought along our socks to save 100 bucks. Adult companion is free by the way unlike any other play grounds.

I know I had my review of the place last time so I won't elaborate on our experience anymore. The place didn't matter to me that much since it was the experience that we value the most.

I was surprised that Jami was so scared to go inside the tunnel. I don't know why but he insisted not to. He was scared so we skipped that. He played with the ball pit, the big blocks and  slides for small kids (scared of the big slides).

so proud of his blocks
I am just a little worried because there were kids talaga that has a not so amazing attitude. There was this one who doesn't want to share toys, she said "That's mine!". Napatulan ko tuloy ng slight, sabi ko, "It wasn't even yours!". Hahahah! There were times talaga na hindi mo mapigilan pumatol sa kids na mejo maldita eh diba? Sorry if it's a little offending with other Mommies pero kasi diba, you have to tell your kids to share specially hindi naman sa kanila yung toys or even the place. Heck! I paid the same amount. But anyway, I am so proud of Jami because when you say he can't have it, nakikinig naman. I always give him something to play with and make him stay away from those kids na may attitude.

Aside from that, we sure had fun and I am hoping to have more Mommy and Jami bonding like this.

Will I recommend the place? Yes. It was really small so you won't be tired trying to catch your kids compared to those big play areas that we've been to. It's perfect for a quick side trip when you go to malls and ran out of things to do or just want to rest while the kids run around safely. =)

Austin Land inside Timezone
SM Southmall, Las Pinas

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