Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sharp's Steamwave Oven: Millenials Best Kitchen Partner

Filipinos are well known to be so festive when it comes to food. We love cooking for our family, making sure that we give them healthy options most of the time. Being the creative that we are, we never run out of ideas of how to cook a dish. From local delicacies, mouth-watering viands, deep fried street food, you name it! We can always come up with something - I am sure of that.

With all these experiments and advertisements left and right on how we could make our food catchy, we have forgotten to be more cautious and picky with the ingredients we use. While experimenting on food sounds fun, it can also become time consuming, expensive and most of all, unhealthy.

With my battle of trying to shed some pounds, I want to be able to cook meals that aren't fried. I want to be able to prepare meals that uses less oil. Who doesn't want a healthy meal without creating havoc on your wallets? With the right equipment, we can turn even the simplest of ingredients into a scrumptious  - and nutritious meal.

Well, I am here to deliver a good news!

The Sharp Steamwave Oven is a 3-in1 cooking system that allows you to Steam, Grill, and Reheat. With its different features, you can keep on cooking your favorite dishes and at the same time explore new recipes.Using the Steam feature, you can have healthier meals in just a press of a button. The oven is built with a non-steam vent for a hassle and mess-free cooking. Steaming also keeps the food's nutrients, color, and texture intact for a more appetizing meal.

Steaming might sound bland at first specially with a picky-eater like me, but some creativity, it might just become your favorite cooking method. Not only can it be used for vegetables and fish, but it it is also a viable cooking technique for meats like pork and chicken and for some desserts too.

Try this simple steamed salmon with asparagus and white wine recipe with your Sharp Steamwave Oven. See how this healthier and tastier option can jazz up your lunch or dinner.

Steamed dishes with the Sharp Steamwave Oven can be the millenial's newest favorites. And with the Grill option, you can even explore on other great recipes. Whether you're up for any steaming, grilling, or simply reheating, your dependable kitchen partner is here to help. The Sharp Steamwave Oven - your quick and reliable kitchen partner for meals with nutrients, colors, and textures, still in place.

Visit the nearest authorized Sharp dealer to know more about the Sharp Steamwave Oven or visit the Sharp official website, Sharp Philippines on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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