Monday, April 17, 2017

Break Free by Don Soriano : A Review

I am an aspiring entrepreneur and financial freedom is my long term goal. I know I mentioned here in the blog about me reading a book or two about finances and how to improve them. I even wrote down my short term and yearly goals. However, most of the books that I have read so far mainly focus on how to manage finances and only mentioned about starting a business is a good idea too but didn't dwell on the How’s. When I found out about Break Free by Don Soriano, I got interested and sign up for it.

One thing that caught my attention in the cover was "Principle # 1 Don’t quit your job". If I didn't love the new department I am on, it's one of the choices I have in mind - to quit and focus on my small time business. Just like the book says, I want to become an employer in the future.

So how did I find the book helpful? I have read some of the things written to the previous' financial books I came upon with. However, I also found new information that is helpful to those who are aspiring to establish a business in the long run. I guess all books have their own strengths right?

To begin with, this book is really short. It can be read in an hour or two depending on how fast you read a book. I for example tend to read books longer because I kept on reading a part that wasn't clear before going on to the next page. I make sure that I have my full understanding and saw what the writers are pointing out.

Two, the book mentioned about the "Power of Leverage" that I think I haven't encountered before. The book discussed about how to smartly use other people's money, time, experience and knowledge and lastly, other people's risk to get to your goal of financial freedom faster. I tried to internalize what Don meant with all these and if I am unconsciously using them. I realized that OPM or other people's money isn't a new concept to me. I have been borrowing money from my sister and using it as a capital on my small business. I think as of this point, I am not into using other people's time, knowledge and experience most especially other people risk so I have to look into that too. I like the concept anyway.

Three, Don wrote about choosing the right people. I personally have friends whom I would say have a negative impact on my small business as they weren't as open minded on ideas as I am. He was right in saying that when you discuss a business idea in a pool of businessman, they would most likely to encourage you as they have the same mindset - which is business. Try to discuss it to someone who is scared to start up a business because of the thought of being bankrupt, they would definitely see the negative side of the idea and would drag you down. Looking back, I have ideas that was turned down because the people who surrounds me doesn't have the experience and mindset the same as I am.  Although they remained as friends, I am trying to limit the communication of business ideas to them and talk to those whom I know can give me a thing or two beneficial advises and feedback.

Four, and my favorite part was when he shared his strategy on how he managed to raise from debt to having a self-sustaining businesses. I guess it's for you to find out when you buy the book and this is what made me fall in love to it. Besides, if you really want to establish a business and become an entrepreneur, you have to invest in yourself by reading books etc.

Fifth and the last strong point of the book was the proper mindset. I for example has not realized I can bake until I had the proper mindset of learning how to. Now it has been my small time business and brings extra money to the family. Aside from that, since it's a hobby that I enjoyed the most, I don't feel like trying hard to make for a living. When we have the proper mindset, we can achieve whatever we have in mind.

Now I suggest if you think you are into business and want to achieve financial freedom, this book is a steal. I just hope that Don Soriano elaborated more on the part where he shared about a secret. I would love to read how he managed to come up with business plans and ideas along with the ups and downs of it. I know I could learn a lot from that just like I did on this book. At this time, you can order this book thru Don Soriano's Facebook Page at

Let's spread the word and make more people achieve their financial freedom. :)

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