Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Completely Potty Trained

As far as I know, I blogged about Jami being semi-potty trained last year. He's able to pee during the day and some nights where we don't use diaper at all. However, he still uses one whenever he poops and I had quite a hard time making him use the toilet back then. I accepted the fact that he might not be ready yet so I have to wait for the perfect timing.

Wait no more! I am glad to write about his new milestone!

He now knows how to use the comfort room. He can sleep at night without wearing one and won't pee on our bed. Just to make sure, I always ask him to clean himself up (brush his teeth, change his clothes, and pee) and remind him not to pee while sleeping. Although there were days that I would still make him wear a diaper especially if he feels tired with a whole day activity, or if he fell asleep without having to pee first. On some days, meron din syang presence of mind when he feels that he's peeing on his shorts, he will wake up and would ask me to accompany him sa restroom. During our most recent trip in Calaguas Island, I made him wear diapers while we're in the bus as it's a very long ride.

I am so impressed that he started using the comfort room for when he feels the need to poop. It started when he's having a tummy ache couple of weeks ago. Instead of making him wear a diaper, which if I may add, quite expensive tapos konti lang naman ang i-poop nya, I asked her to go to the bathroom and use the toilet bowl. He was resisting at first but since he really needs to get the poop out, he didn't get a choice. That's when he realized the use of the toilet bowl and how convenient it will be for him. You see, when he does number 2, he would hide himself in our bedroom or anywhere na walang tao. I am glad he found the comfort room the perfect place to use for his number 2 activities. Lol! =D

It was really timely since I am planning to make him start a summer school this month. I know it will be easier and economical for his teacher to help him use their toilet than make him wear diapers. Haha! =) There was a time when I came home and he told that he used the comfort room to poop. I talked to him about Mommy being happy with what he did. I was surprised to see him delighted knowing that his done a good job!

I can't wait to witness more milestones specially this coming months when he start going to school. I made an inquiry in a small school near our house for a start and I can't wait to tell you that new challenge too. =)

My selfie/video buddy. :D

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