Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Weight Loss Journey: 65kgs down to 60kgs in 8 weeks

You all know that loosing weight was a real pain in the ass for me. Back in the day, before Jami came, I was at 54kgs. I was actually in the boundary of my body mass index but I am quite happy with it. I have a normal weight for my height, I may not get a flat tummy but I could always tuck them in if necessary.

I tried morning jog in the past but it didn't work because my mind was not in to it. I could kill myself going on cardio but if I didn't change my diet, I will accumulate more weight for sure. So in February, after our Annual Physical Exam here in the office, I realized that I gained more weight compared to last year's result. I was 63kgs in 2016 to 65kgs in 2017. Sad isn't it? That's where I decided to officially start going on a diet.

Baler 2016

Initially, I was planning to go on a no-rice diet. That's the easiest that I could go I think. When I got used to it for about 1 week, I downloaded an app on my phone "My FitnessPal" where it could help you track the amount of calorie intake everyday. It also has a recommendation of 1,200kcal/day for me to achieve my goal. With this app and some more research, counting calories became easier. Cooking and preparing meal did matter as well. Although I wasn't tracking my intake for about 4 weeks now because we don't have internet in the office, I am still mindful of the things and the amount of serving that I eat.

I also tried to go on a military diet that I found online, which I would love to share with you too in the coming days. While working on the military diet, I am still tracking the calorie intake on the app and realized that there were days I am going below 1,000kcal which is unhealthy so I have to add some food not included or double the food indicated on military diet. I'll explain this on a separate post too for a more detailed information and how did it go for me.

The struggle of preparing a healthy food is real. When I ran out of ideas, I started ordering the Calorie counted meal which I will tell you all about on another post too. :)

Calaguas 2017 wearing the same Rash guard

Pardon the photo. I am banging my head in the wall now for not taking photos of before and after. The first photo was our Baler trip in March 2016 while the last photo was our recent Calaguas trip. Notice that there's a difference in the belly area? I am trying to find a much decent photo and a close up one but I really can't find one. Why? I stopped taking photos of my body because I felt I am too fat. Due to this change, my lost confidence is starting to go back and hopefully, I could also improve my arms and legs and my tummy part further.

Anyway, as of this writing (04/05/2017) I am weighing 60kgs so I mainly lost 5kgs in 8 weeks. I just noticed that my weight loss is getting slower now that my body has adjusted with the amount of food that I eat so I have to add workouts to my routine. I felt I need more of a cardio to remove excess fat then tone the muscles later on. At this time, I can't still find the time to do it because my body clock is adjusting to my new forever schedule of 8am-5pm. I am giving myself at least 2 weeks to adjust then I could include the workout.

In total, I am so proud of myself for finally pulling this all together and making a progress. From 65kgs (143lbs) to 60kgs (132lbs), that was 5kgs (11lbs). It was really amazing! I have to give up sodas, sweets, junk food (chips), fast food etc. Although I don't deprive myself too much. I still get the chance to eat fast food when family goes out but I always make sure that I eat on a minimum. It's been 8 weeks since the last time I drank a soda and from time to time, I eat cakes (one small serving). I realized that the more you starve yourself, the harder you'll gain weight. The truth is you have to make sure you are consuming the right amount of healthy food, healthy snack while avoiding those fancy food. I learned so much in the past weeks and I will share it with you in the coming days.

My new target is at 57kgs (125lbs) and that hopefully can include routine cardio to help my body adjust. I don't want to impose a harder goal just yet because I want to take it one step at a time. Lol!

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