Monday, May 8, 2017

Calaguas Itinerary with Kids in Tow

Our tour in Calaguas might be really short but we enjoyed every bits of it, including the boat ride going back to Vinzon. Today I will share with you the simple itinerary of our team building and tips on what to do and bring when you have kids in tow.

Note: We took a package of Php2,300 per head while kids are free of charge. The package includes transportation from our choice of Bus line, boat ride from Vinzon to Calaguas Island and vice versa, island hopping, snorkeling, full board meals (day 1 lunch, dinner breakfast and Day 2 lunch).

You can read more details about our Calaguas Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 0:

09:00 PM - Ride bus from Cubao to Daet thru Superlines Bus

Day 1:

04:30 AM - Touch Down Daet Superlines Terminal
07:30 AM - Departure from Daet to Vinzon (20-30 minutes jeepney ride)
08:30 AM - Left Vinzon; rode a boat to Calaguas
10:00 AM - Arrival at Calaguas Island
10:30 AM - Swimming Time
12:00 PM - Lunch
01:00 PM - Free Time
03:30 PM - Island Hopping (1 island only)
04:30 PM - Snorkeling
05:00 PM - Back to Calaguas
06:30 PM - Dinner
07:30 PM - Lights Off

Day 2:

06:00 AM - Breakfast
07:00 AM - Free Time
08:30AM - Departure from Calaguas
11:00 AM - Arrived at Vinzon; freshen up
12:30 PM - Back to Daet Superlines Terminal
01:00 PM - Lunch
04:30 PM - Bus back to Manila
01:00 AM - Arrival at Alabang Starmall

Our itinerary was very laid back. The only thing was, we had a lot of free time that we could use for trekking but we were so tired of our road trip that my teammates ditched the idea. I can't go on trekking with just me, Daryl and Jami so we didn't push through with it. Besides, we were warned by coast guard that the waves will be huge on our Day 2 so we have to leave the island earlier than 10am. I recommend that you have at least 3 days, 2 nights stay in Calaguas to enjoy it fully. Your Day 1 could be for snorkeling, island hopping and beach time then Day 2 will be for trekking and exploring the island. Since we have work on Mondays, all of us have to go back to Manila. Although I really loved Calaguas' fine sand, wonderful water and amazing scenery, I am afraid I won't be back anytime soon but I will in the future. I really loved the island and the quiet life that it offers. I suggest too to take your tour mid April to May for a huge chance of calmer sea. During the days we were there, the waves were really big and our ride home was kinda scary specially if you have kids with you. Don't fret, boatmen are so used to it they know what to do with those big waves. Just don't forget to pray. =)

Things to Bring: 

1.) Power Banks - No electricity in the day. In the evening, you can get your gadgets charged on a store for a fee of Php20 per gadget.

2.) Lots of Mineral water - specially with kids who are still drink milk. You don't want to use unsafe water or those that came from poso. Although you will be given water during meal time, it will be safe to bring yours. You don't want to risk your kids' safety, won't you?

3.) Battery or Solar Operated Lights - Calaguas offers camp out style of accommodation so better brings lights for your convenience. We brought ours and it really helped us on night time.

4.) Waterproof Bags - Waves can be very unpredictable so to make sure your things won't get wet during your boat ride, better have waterproof bags or bring a huge plastic bags. We bought one in Vinzon that are being sold by the locals. It costs Php16 for a very huge thick plastic bags.

5.) Life Vests for Kids - it's really important during your boat rides as the coast guard will require every one to wear one. Those that are provided by the boatman can be very big for your kids so better to bring one that fits your child. My sister lend me my nephew's vest which fits Jami well. I made sure he's wearing one all throughout our boat ride.

6.) Blankets - it can get really cold in the early morning and as a sapin in the tent.

7.) Cameras/Action cam - of course you would want to capture every corner of Calaguas. You have to make sure that your gadgets has a waterproof cases for it's safety. =)

These are the things that are very useful on your trip. Just make sure you pack light too because with the huge wave, it can get pretty inconvenient carrying a lot of bags plus kids.

Enjoy the remaining days of Summer. =)

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