Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Daryl turned 28

Daryl celebrated his birthday on April 4th as he welcomed another year of his life.

I have known Daryl shortly after we graduated from High School. After 11 years of being together, I know a lot about him. He has his shortcomings but there were greatness too.

For one, he never failed to make me happy. He knows how to handle my tantrums and has a lot of patience with him. I don't know kung san galing ang lahat ng patience nya sa mga kaartehan ko but I am really grateful. He's really quiet when not in the mood but can go crazy when he is.

He's also the most annoying person that I know. There are days when he doesn't listen to everything that I say and would completely do the opposite. Nakakainis lang grabe but we still manage to get things straight. Of course there were those fight that we almost give up on each other but still hold on to our relationships. I guess that's what love really does, it's a choice that you make to stay in love and grow up together.

Well we had a very simple celebration at home. Nothing fancy, just good food, a cake and a laugh. Jami never failed to make us happy, he's always the center of blowing the candles.

I cooked spaghetti and brought home a small cake. Since we just got home from our Calaguas Trip, our budget is kinda tight so we opted to have a small family lunch at home.

In the afternoon, we headed to Pasay. Well, Daryl is really fond of the place we grew up from so madalas kami jan, aside from the fact that Mama Belen (daryl's mom) lives there. We spent the whole afternoon just hanging out and had dinner in McDonald's. 

You know, this is the kind of birthday I grew up with but I know we could plan a little better next time. I promise to allocate money on an out of town trips for our birthdays moving forward to make it more memorable. Now that I have my own family, I felt that every occasion should be special for I want it to make it a tradition that Jami could look forward to.

I don't know why I didn't plan this year but yeah, I'll have it moving forward. I'll have my birthday in a month or so, so I guess I have to look for a cheaper ways to celebrate. =)

Again, Happy Happy Birthyday Daddy! Jami and I loves you so much. We wish you a good health! See you later, Babe.

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