Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I Learned How to use Bicycle

Would you believe it?

From the title itself, I learned how to bike at the age of 26.

Nakakaawa no?! Hahaha.

Yeah, although people thought I was kidding when I posted this photo on my IG and Facebook account.

But seriously, ngayon lang ako natutuong mag bike and I loved it soooo much! I want to buy a bike na. Hahahah!

I was born poor so mainly, my parents can't buy a bicycle for us. We were 5 siblings so imagine the riot if they only buy one bike for all of us. Lol! When I was in high school, a friend owns one but I was too scared to use it. I had a lot of scars on my legs and I don't want to add more into it. I heard you'll get one before you learned how to use bicycle.

Fast forward to earlier this month, I joined my sister and my niece's jogging session. They go to Commerce Center in Alabang where the place offers a good ambiance for joggers and bikers. There are hardly any cars in that area so you could really have some fitness/fun/family time.

This was near Parque Espana in Alabang. There's also a bicycle for rent so I was surprised my sister want to rent for us to use. I was really scared at first and I have to try and try until I finally found the pace and the balance. It was the balancing that I was scared of but hey, I managed to face my fears didn't I?

I was so glad that finally, I felt free. Lol! I always thought ang sarap siguro mag bike and it was true! I am now aiming to buy just a normal entry level bicycle that I could use when I feel like it.

While in the process of learning how to bike, I kept telling myself that I can do things when I want to. That it's never too late to do things that you like and you are never too old for anything. In a matter of 1 hour, I learned the basics and can now use the bicycle. I know it was very mababaw and simple things but I proved to myself that I can do things when I put my mind into it. Biking scares me before, but I am bigger than my fears! And yeah, I did it. The next day, my whole body aches and I have bruises on my legs, as in a lot of them. Yung tipong para akong binugbog because tumatama yung binti ko in the pedal. Hahahah!

I would now like to have a bike for me, Daryl and a new one for Jami as he has outgrown his baby bike. I want to get one for him that has a wheel trainer at the back and a basic entry level for me. Daryl knows how to bike so definitely he could have his intermediate or advanced bike, if there's such. Lol! We could go here again for some biking/fitness/family time, can't we? I kept telling myself that I won't let Jami and my future kids not to learn how to use bicycle when they're younger. Hahaha!

I have been bugging my team leader about bicycles since he owns once and uses it to go to work. He's been giving me a tip or two about bikes and I am really excited to get one when our  budget allows. =)

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