Monday, May 1, 2017

Kanin Club at Westgate Alabang

March marks my eldest sister and my eldest niece's birthday. Yearly, they would invite our family for eat outs. What I liked about it was, my Ate would usually bring us to a place we've never tried before.

She brought us to Westgate Alabang and kept on telling me about Kanin Club where they ate weeks before our eat out.

Before our eat out, she tagged me along with her kids in Alabang Town center and SM southmall to look for a perfect gown for my niece's graduation ball. #sistergoals lang ang peg. Back in the time, we would go mall hopping and bazaar hopping just to look for the best #ootd for our travel plans. I miss those days na nga but we both have a lot on our plate most of the time and the limited budget of course. =)

While waiting for our seat

We ate lunch in Pancake House, Alabang Town Center.

Mac & Cheese with 2 strips of Bacon

We headed to SM southmall after some time to check if we could find a better choices there but to no avail. We met up with my brother-in-law and the rest of my side of the family and went straight back to Westgate for dinner.

Ate, Sab and me while Lalai's in a fitting room cubicle

The restaurant is very easy to find. Parking spaces are available only on both sides of the road so if there aren't many people on your visit, you'll be lucky to find one closest to the location of the resto.

Family Photo

Since it's too early for dinner when we arrived, we were able to get a long table to accommodate us all. The resto has a second level and ambiance of the place resembles an antique houses.

We just have to wait for about 10-15 minutes when our food arrived.

The whole gang =)
Ensaladang Mangga

Putok Batok

Sinangag na Sinigang

Our Food
All in all, I enjoyed the food. It was really filling and most of all Free. Hahaha! Please check here the menu. I don't know the total amount of all the food we ate because it's on my sister. It was her treat so let her be. hahah! The place is homey even the restroom. It feels like you're back in the time of Spaniards and the war. Hahaha! The staff are accommodating and prompt. =)

Thank you Ate!! Belated Happy Birthday to you and Lalai.

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