Monday, May 29, 2017

Manila Zoo Visit for our 10th Year Anniversary

This is a long overdue post (July last year) but I think this still deserves to be posted. I have been looking for the photos that we took but I really can't find them. Anyway, they weren't that nice because of the resolution of the camera.


As Daryl and I celebrated our 10 years together, he asked me where I wanted to go. Since I have been working on our budget, I realized the we don't have a spare money to use for our anniversary. I know this day is also important so as our budget. I explained that we can only go to places that we can afford. Couple of weeks ago, we asked Jami if he wants to see an elephant and he said yes so I suggested we'll just visit the Manila Zoo.

It has been a while since I went there so I want to re-visit the place. I know for sure that Jami would enjoy seeing new animals. I also looked forward to seeing the elephant because I heard that it was too old already. I won't be able to bring Jami in Indonesia yet to see a live elephant so I guess this will be an excuse. Hahah!

We reached the zoo at 3:30pm. I was quite nervous because I don't know their operating hours and I was thinking na baka close na sila. We had a little trouble with parking since there were a lot of visitors on weekends. I also heard that entrance fee are quite expensive compared before specially for those who are not residence of Manila. We were charged Php100/each while Jami was free.

Upon entrance, we were so giddy to see the elephant! Lol! He was hiding at the back part of his home so we have to go on the side to see him up close. I bet Jami got surprised na malaki pala ang elephants in real life. Hahah! He doesn't want to go near him, he was a little scared! But good job to our baby he's so happy to see the elephant. We even saw him eating bunch of leaves. It was amazing!! Lol. I never thought I would appreciate these things. Ganun ata talaga if you have a kid, you'll be delighted because you know that they're happy and curious. =)

We went around the place and saw the hippopotamus. At first, he's submerged in the water. But later on was called by an animal keeper to make him eat while a group of tourists were inside the cage watching the hippo closely. He would open his mouth so the keeper could put cabbage and even corn inside his mouth. I can't believe the hippo looked like that, parang ang bigat ng katawan!

We saw more animals like Monkeys, Crocodiles, Hebra (it was crossed breed by a horse and a zebra), deers, tigers, different kinds of birds, Owls, Fishes etc. I was so glad to be able to see those animals again. It's not everyday that we could get to see them. I am just sad that the Lion can't be found. I don't know if the lion I saw years ago died already but we can't find him there. Also, I was told that an orangutan was there too years ago but not there when we went.

The night before our visit, I checked Manila Zoo's Facebook page to check their operating hours but what I saw was mostly negative feedback about the zoo. I was saddened and hesitated to go too but we still gave it a shot to see how it looked on our own perspective. Well, honestly, I never been to another zoo before so I don't have anything to compare with.I would say that the zoo was kind of sad and weren't maintained religiously. I hope they could look after those animals more because it's saddening to see them in a state that weren't so happy.

Anyway, for a quick getaway, you can visit Manila zoo for the benefit of your kids to see those animals that they rarely see in the metro.

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