Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our Mother's Day 2017

Hi Mommies?

Did you guys had a fun Mother's Day this year?

I did! It was one of the best Mother's Day ever.

You know how much I love going places and this year, we made it possible to celebrate Mother's Day more special. On my last post about Daryl's 28th birthday, I mentioned I want to celebrate small things if we can. Those small things that we do will sure make Jami remember the bonds of a family and how important occasions are. Even before Mother's Day, I asked Ma Belen if we could go out of town and she made it possible for us. I am so glad the plan pushed through on Mother's Day. =)

Jami wants to go swimming na kaya sad! :D
We had our out of town at Stilts Calatagan last Sunday kaso na sad ako to see na wala pala kaming family photo! Na realize ko when the next day when I was uploading the photos on Facebook. This is the only photo of the three of us tapos hindi pa nakisama si Jami. =(

Anyway, I'll tell you all about our trip. I can't wait to share with you the wonderful place we went to. =) Belated Happy Mother's Day to Mama, Ma Belen, my sisters, extended sisters, friend and kumares and everyone of you who's reading it.

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