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RITM Animal Bite Center Experience and the Cost

Last month, we went to RITM (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine) because Daryl got scratched by a cat that goes to our house for food.

So here's the background of the cat. It was called Dudut by Jami and has been in the house on and off for about half a year. It was a very malambing na cat kaso recently, she gave birth and we don't want the kittens to be inside the house kasi mabaho and kapag nag poop and pee sila, grabe ang amoy so we left them inside the compound but outside our house. Yun nga lang, Dudut carried them everywhere so hindi ko na alam kung saan napunta ang kittens. I saw one lately and mejo malaki na. Kaso mag isa na lang sya. I am not sure kung nasaan na ang iba. Hinahayaan lang namin yung cat to roam around the house most of the time because they help to minimize the existence of rats.

Anyway, ayun na nga, one morning, Daryl was lying on a cleopatra style wooden chair beside our window kung saan dumadaan si Dudut. Unfortunately, nadulas si Dudut or it didn't notice Daryl lying on its landing place so it fell straight on Daryl's face. Sa gulat nya, he took Dudut away from his face pero Dudut was holding for her dear life so yeah, nakalmot nya si Daryl. It was a really long scratch from his cheekbone to down to about an inch before his panga.

He was really worried because he posted the photo on his facebook account and tinakot na sya ng mga tao. Haha! So he was asking me to bring him to the hospital. He waited for me to go home since no one will be looking after with Jami. Just when I was on the way, Daryl and Ma Belen started looking out for clinics na pwedeng magpabakuna. After a while, they can't find any so we all agreed to meet in SM Southmall.

Good thing, I read a blog (forgot the link) where an anonymous comment says that the cheapest vaccine for animal bites can be found in RITM in Muntinlupa. I texted an officemate who lives in the same city to ask directions on how to get to RITM from South Station in Alabang.

Just before we headed to RITM, we decided to check in Alabang Medical Center in Madrigal, Alabang to see if we could instead get a vaccine from there. When we went inside ER, we were told that they have vaccines but they couldn't accept Daryl's case because the scratch was on his face. Any bites or scratch from neck and up will be directed straight to RITM immediately.

We got no choice left so we went to RITM. It was past 7pm when we arrived but people there were very accommodating including the security guard who was stationed beside the entrance of their ER. I was told that it wasn't really a hospital but a research center. After a while, a doctor interrogated Daryl on what happened including why he came in late. He should have went earlier since the scratch was around 8 in the morning. He was ask to go to pharmacy and pay the medicine. They also did a skin test for allergies.

The cost of the vaccine was a total of Php1,200 which contains 8 shots. 3 on his arms, 2 on his face beside the scratch, one on hips and 2 more on both of his legs. We have to wait for an hour to make sure that Daryl didn't feel nauseated or dizzy or any after effects of medicine. We were done at around 9:30pm.

Daryl was given a paper that contains information of his vaccine and a card for his next visit. He should come back after 3 days which fell on a holiday (May 1) so it was adjusted on the 4th day. He also has to come back for 7th and 28th day. He was told he'll have two shots on his second visit and would only need to pay Php100.

How to commute from Festival Mall to RITM

The easiest way is to get to Muntinlupa Fire Station and look for multicabs that are waiting just along the corner (near Festival Mall and Crimson hotel). Tell the driver to drop you off at RITM and pay Php15 per head. If you are traveling alone, you might need to pay for a special trip or you may wish to wait for other passengers.

You will notice at this time that RITM is on a secluded place and there are no public transportation near the place. Don't worry, the multicabs goes there from time to time to see if there are passengers waiting to be brought back to Alabang/Festival Mall.

Total Cost

We paid a total of Php1,200 for the initial vaccines. That includes an anti-tetanus vaccine as well since Daryl hadn't had one. It might be a little cheaper if you got one before hand. Anyway, this is the cheapest price that you could get for an animal bite vaccine. Most private hospitals charge from Php3,000 to Php15,000. Bare in mind that you also has to go back for other sessions so it can get really expensive.You could also opt to get your succeeding  vaccines on a local health center near your place for convenience. You just have to make sure that it's the same brand/medicine content with your initial vaccine.

In total, I am really glad with our experience with RITM. They didn't give us a hard time and didn't encounter a masungit na Nurse or Doctor. They are all accommodating and would answer your questions promptly. For the price we paid and the kind of service they gave, we were really happy.

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)
9002 Research Dr,
Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1781
Metro Manila, Philippines


  1. That's weird. I got mine for free. I paid only for the syringe like P100 per shot... RITM too.

    1. Good thing you got yours for free. But I guess, it was the cheapest we can get. Other hospitals, specially private offers more than or even triple the amount we paid so it's fine. =)

  2. You don't need to be a Philhealth member? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jessie, no you don't. It's not a requirement. =)

    2. Hi. How about the HRIG shots? Was it given together with the antirabies? How much was it? My father was bitten by a cat last Friday. We went to Asian Hospital but it cost 9k/vial. He needed 6 vials.

    3. Hi kae, as far as I can remember, there were only 2 vials given to him and was divided into 7 shots in different parts of the body. I couldn't confirm which vaccine it was but one of them was tetanus toxoid. He was then ask to go back for follow up shots after 3 days, 7 days then 28 days from the date of initial vaccine. I'll try to check the receipts.

    4. Hello KaeReyes ask ko lang po kung natuloy father mo ng HRIG shot nya? at how much sa RITM? NEED din kasi ng anàk ko

  3. Thanks for this! Very useful! :)


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