Tuesday, May 2, 2017

S&R SM Southmall

A long time ago, we discovered that the S&R New York Style Pizza will open in SM Southmall. I was really glad because I don't have to go to Alabang or Aseana to try their famous pizza.

Fast forward to couple of months, we tried their pizzas and when we craved for one, S&R is definitely included in our choices.

Jami and I loved their Bavarian Filled Churros. I liked how the pizza was served in a huge slice. Definitely filling and cost saving. =)

Since I was on a diet during our visits, I can only consume up to 1/4 of the pizza slice and let Daryl eat the rest. Hahah!

The place gets pretty crowded most of the time. Probably because people are so happy they can finally taste S&R pizza without going in their groceries. They have a place where you can get unlimited ketchup, mustard, onions etc. S&R doesn't only offer pizza but they carry burgers and chicken meal as well.

After our merienda, we roam around SM Southmall and saw the miniature Eiffel tower.

Sobrang likot!

Look at the photo! Grabe he grows up really fast! He looked like 7 years old in this photo. Jami got his Daddy's height and body type. Parehong payat pero matatangkad. Well, I'm glad he is kasi I am the shortest in the family. I am just hoping na mejo tumaba taba naman ng konti. Sobrang payat kasi but definitely not sickly (thank God for that!). He's about to start school this year so I am really excited! =)

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