Thursday, May 4, 2017

Yummy Diet PH Reviews

Part of my weight loss journey was the calorie counted meal. Offers are everywhere and there are a lot of providers to choose from. Prices also varies and of course, the taste.

I saw a lot of store that offers calorie counted meal that carries 1,200kcal/1,500kcal/1,800kcal and those who have special needs like vegetarians etc.

I chose Yummy Diet PH above all as they offer delivery schedule depending on my needs. Before booking your meals, you have to consider the delivery too because there are some that only delivers in the morning from 5am-8am for Makati and 3pm-9pm for other locations.

Anyway, I only took the minimum 3 days meal because (1) I am not sure if I'll like the food (you know how much picky eater I am); (2) Strict budget. The 1,200kcal meal costs Php1,900 for 5 days with 3 sets of meals and 2 snacks). Besides, it will be a lot easier to come up with a meal plan for only 2 days in a week rather than 5 days. Hahaha! Weekends doesn't count. I still eat regular food but in minimum amount only. Half cup of white rice and viand etc.

Since no one will be home when delivery arrives, I have it delivered in the office every late afternoon which is just according to my schedule. I chose the Cash on Delivery payment but I have meetings scheduled on the first meal delivery so the food was left in our security desk without payment pa. I have then decided to fund transfer the payment to make our lives easier. Why I didn't do it upon order? I don't have enough fund on my debit card.

 First Week of Order:


My Day 1: Tuesday Meal

I've never tried eating tofu as a viand ever since (except taho in the morning) so there's a lot of convincing on my part to eat the dinner. Hahah! Grabe, I can't believe I ate salad. Alam nyo naman, I am not fond of veggies so I took in a lot of courage to eat them all. Hehe. But it was a success, I managed to finish the food and liked it. The breakfast and lunch tastes good. I ate them all without much hesitation since they're yummy. I was thinking how they managed to make it taste this good without adding preservatives. I guess it's just real food no?!

Day 3 and Day 4, I have no photos to show you. I was really busy so when I get to work, I will eat lunch immediately so wala na akong picture. =(

Anyhow, I ordered another minimum meal for 3 days. This time, my sister want to try Yummy Diet too. I placed my order thru Facebook Page and placed an order thru text message for my sister. I sent them a message on their FB page that there will be 2 deliveries for me on two different addresses.

3-day meal

Monday came, I was expecting for a delivery to arrive for my Tuesday meal. Nothing came so I have to send them text messages by 10pm to ask if they are still going to deliver the meal. They were really quick in answering so I knew they delivered the food and someone received it. They sent me the address and found out that they were referring to my sister's delivery.

I explained to them that there were supposed to be two delivery. I paid for my order thru BPI fund transfer and my sister paid hers thru the same method. I sent them my screenshot of payment and immediately processed the order. Instead of Tues-Thurs meal, they offered me Wed meal and 2 Thursday meal. I suggested why don't we make it Wed-Fri meal which they agreed naman. They are very easy to talk to.

Included on my delivery on that week was a spoon and fork and some teas and coffee. My previous delivery doesn't have one so probably because of me referring my sister or for the confusion of delivery. Either way, I was happy with the food. =) This was the last set of food that I ordered because I don't want to spend too much in food delivery.

Fast forward to second week of April, I received a text message from Yummy Diet asking for a payment for my last delivery. I got really confused and felt bad that they think I didn't pay the food. Nasan naman ang kunsensya ko, kinain ko na ang food ng walang bayad. Hahah!

I told them that payment has been made the moment I placed the order. I sent a screenshot of my payment (buti hindi ko pa na delete) and advised that they could back read our conversations because the same picture was sent weeks ago. They replied na okay na. Maybe they got really really confused when I ordered for me and my sister. Although I tried my best naman to make sure the order is clear in my end.

Anyhow, I can still say that Yummy Diet lives up with their tag. The food tastes yummy and I could say that this helped me loose weight along the way. Bare in mind that I didn't exercise, just plain diet but still, I lost extra pounds and still a work in progress. In the course of my 3-days meal, I make sure that I eat food less than 1,200kcal on days that I don't have food delivery to maintain the diet. I can't say that the plan will work for everybody but it sure helped me.

Calorie Counted meal delivery are perfect for those who doesn't have time and knowledge to prepare healthy low calorie meals. If you have the budget, you may want to consider Yummy Diet PH.

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