Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Family Trials

You know, I really love the month of June!

Aside from it being my birth month, I felt I receive more trials during this time of year, every year.

Hahaha! Exage! But yes, that's what I usually feel whenever my birthday comes.

The past couple of weeks, I was really stressed. Although we received good news too, I can't keep being happy for too long because of other things that we have to face.

Well, instead of dwelling into those negative things, I'll share with you those that are good ones. Sabi nga nila diba? Don't dwell on negativity. Be happy and the universe will conspire to make your wishes come true.

Char! Ako lang nag imbento nyan, but sort of like that yung mga kasabihan diba? Hahaha.

On June 14th, we had the chance to celebrate my birthday. I wasn't really expecting anymore since we have a lot of things to bear in mind first but Daryl, as he always does, want to make sure that I'll get to celebrate my birthday. We were originally planning to eat in Vikings but decided to eat somewhere else to save money.

The past weekend, we celebrated Father's Day in advance. We ate in Bonchon kasi favorite ni Daryl yung Bibimbow nila. Also we bought school supplies for Jami.

We decided to buy Jami's things in Robinson's Las Pinas para maiba lang. We always go to SM Southmall which at times, gets really crowded. I would say that mas madami lang talaga ang options in SM Southmall.

Jami had his first day of school yesterday!! For the past two days that I am observing him, I'll blog about it in a separate post. This is a such a big milestone I have to document it. Hehehe!

While I was really happy with Jami's new endeavor, I am equally happy with Daryl's first day at work. =) He was finally called to start and signed the contract. I know that he's excited with this just like I am.

So there, these are the things that I am really glad about despite of all the trials that the family faces now. To give you a hint, one of it was the "looking for nanny immediately" part. Since Daryl now have a job, no one will look after Jami. We need one really soon! I am hoping we could find one who would really take care of him, yun bang may malasakit.

Oh God! Please help us.

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  1. Congrats to your baby, hubby and to you too. Naku super excited na din ako for Klong's first day of school pero next year pa. hihi. Looking forward sa first few days ni Jami sa preschool. <3 Belated Happy birthday din pala!


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