Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gigantes - Guimaras - Bacolod Trip

Hi everyone!

I was out for the last 5 days because we had our major trip this year!=)

When I say major, yun yung mga sumasakay ng airplane. Hahahah! Or at least the farthest and longest vacation.

Anyway, My sister's gift to Jami was a plane ticket to Ilo-ilo. I was really happy, it's been ages since the last time we went on a trip like this together! (Last one was in 2013 - Puerto Princesa, Palawan). The only sad part was, Daryl couldn't join us on the trip because he was waiting for job confirmation. That was far more important than this trip so he was left behind.

If you have been following me on IG at @its_mommy_jen, you'll see that I have been uploading photos of our trip and don't forget to follow me. =)

My sister provided the itinerary. I always let her work on everything on all of our trips. It was always her that's very knowledgeable of all the places to visit so join lang ako ng join. Hehehe!

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A post shared by Jen Alipio (@its_mommy_jen) on

Yes! You read it right. The time of our flight was when the Resorts World Attack happened. There were news circulating at the time that it was the bad group. I told you the airport departure area was so strict. The whole place was really quite and there were no announcement of what's going on. Our flight was delayed for an hour.

Day 1

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It was for Islas de Gigantes. Our relatives from Nanay's side of the family joined us for our overnight stay. We even passed on their island on our way back to Estancia port the next day.

Day 2

We were supposed to be on a more tiring day but my sister decided to take the day off. Besides, we lack sleep the day before and Sabie was not feeling well too.

Day 3

We had our Day tour in Guimaras Island.

That same day, we rode fast cat going to Bacolod City.

Day 4

This day was one relax day, I would say. Hindi kami humada ng tours. We went to Silay houses including Balay Negrense.

Day 5

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The night of our 5th day was also our return flight to Manila. This travel was one of the most memorable one because Jami and I traveled together without his Daddy and our flight back was just the two of us with one 13kgs luggage, one backpack and some pasalubong.

All in all, I am very happy that all went well during the trip. We had the chance to travel far with relatives. Although it's really tiring and quite haggard, I would love it like that than a trip with nothing but beds and breakfast. =)

I'll blog about our trips to these islands and tourist spots separately.

Cheers to more travels!


  1. hi jen! post din some pics of the delicacies of guimaras or in your next adventures... avid reader here! 😘

    1. Hi, thank you for your suggestion. I realized nga hindi ako nag popost ng pictures of the food we eat ano? Mga gutom na kasi so lafang na agad paglapag sa table. haha! I'll make sure of that next time. Thank you again. =)


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