Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Today is my Birthday!!

Time out muna sa pagpo-post about our recent trip!

Today is my 27th birthday!!

This is actually the very first time na I am at work on my birthday.

I was trying to minimize my leave credits because I have another plan to use it in the future. Sagad na sagad kasi ako this year! hahaha.

Anyway, I don't know where we will have a mini celebration but what matters most is that my family is complete, healthy and blessed.

Thank you Lord!

I saw this photo on my facebook memories. This was taken during our visit at Antel Grand Village in 2015.

Look at Jami! This was his fake smile. Heheh

Even so, I loved Daryl's smile here. Genuine yung smile nya, sobrang tuwa nya sa anak nya! hehe.

This birthday was just another normal birthday that I had except that I am at work at this time. I couldn't pass going to work, I love my work and the people around me. =)

Thank you Lord! For all the blessings, for the healthy me and my family, for the people around me! I really couldn't ask for more. Just please please sustain everything especially the happiness, love and  contentment.

To babe for he's always there for me, making me happy and annoyed and loved. For the days that I am not in the mood for everything, PMSing and all. Hehe! For the days I am so pissed at you for a very small or no reason at all. Hehe! Thank you babe, I love you so much! =)

For my families for they never fail to support me all throughout my every journey! For loving me and Jami and Daryl. You are the best family I could ever imagine!

I want to thank all my blog readers too, for your continuous support and never ending love. This blog will never be here without you all. Hugssss!! =)

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