Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Circle Inn Hotel in Ilo-ilo

After our tiring day in Gigantes Island, we headed straight back to Ilo-ilo City where our accommodation for the night is waiting. We reached the city at around 2 to 3pm. Since we didn't get the chance to eat breakfast nor lunch on our way back to the city, we decided to eat in Jollibee along the way.

I would say, I missed Jollibee because I had a hard time with our food in Gigantes. I am not a fan of seafood so there was a slight struggle on that. Hahah! Don't get me wrong, I want to be as adventurous when it comes to food pero minsan, di ko talaga keri. Lol!

Anyway, Circle Inn Ilo-ilo is located near Ilo-ilo market and Ortiz wharf which was our entry point to Guimaras. My sister did the research and booked the place for us.

We were really tired after our trip from Gigantes so I was really looking forward to a much decent hotel we could stay. I cannot bear another disappointing hotel at that point (read here). I was really glad to see that the lobby looked homey and maaliwalas. It was a plus that they have a pool where the kids could enjoy. My sister checked us in while we gather our things. It costs us Php1,200/room.

We were given rooms in third floor so after we got hold of the key, umakyat na ako agad! Sobrang tiring talaga. Our original plan is to make  it to Guimaras for a half day tour then continue the next day. I guess we don't have enough energy to continue so it was a right move to take the half day off.

Circle Inn Hotel Lobby

This was just outside their lobby. They serve breakfast here, I think. We didn't take their breakfast anymore due to lack of time. We have to be really early for Guimaras the next day. On the left side of this photo was where their swimming pool is.

The kids enjoyed swimming here for an hour or two after we arrived while I got myself busy online. I had full day yesterday with no phone signal. Besides, the hotel's wifi has a good connection.

Our room!

I just realized now na wala pala akong photo of the bathroom. Hahah!

Anyway, I could say that I am satisfied with the room.

  1. It's big with comfy beds and pillows. 
  2. TV works fine with Sky Cable service provider.
  3. Complimentary coffee and tea.
  4. Clean rooms, restrooms, towels and bed.
  5.  They also provided clothes hanger and safety box inside the cabinet. 
  6. Wifi unit given to us upon check-in.
  7. In the heart of Ilo-ilo City. Walking distance to the market place and Ortiz wharf: your entry point to Guimaras. 
I am hoping they could improve on:
  1. No bidet.
  2. Broken exhaust fan on room 301.
  3. Air conditioning unit takes time to cool down the room. As in! 
The room key is attached to a key card that you have to insert on a panel upon entry to get the electricity running. Di ko kasi alam ang tawag dun. Haha! So when we left for dinner, we have to close down everything including the AC. When we got back to rest, it took 3-4 hours before the room felt cool. Although we had a good night sleep in our room despite of the AC, my sister's room wasn't cold at all even after overnight. They have to move the beds where the AC is to be comfortable. My nephew knocked on our door to sleep in our room that night. We were too lazy and tired to ask for another room because all we want to do is to recharge for another day of traveling.

I was thinking, they could have placed the AC where the bed is specially kung hindi naman lumalamig ang unit. Their ac units are placed across the door going out the room so kapag pumasok ka, akala mo malamig na but when you lie down sa bed, grabe! Joke lang pala yung lamig. Haha!

Well then, I would still say that I am happy with our stay even there were slight 'needs improvement section'.  The lady in the reception was accommodating too and they also allowed my sister to pay half day to extend the room use until 5pm.

The Circle Inn Hotel & Suites
Gov Fermin Caram St, Iloilo City Proper, 
Iloilo City, 5000 Iloilo, Philippines
+6333508 0000

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