Monday, July 31, 2017

Jami at School

You know I am really excited with this new milestone.

Jami is now officially a student! Hahaha! How I wish I could bring him to school everyday but I can't. We have a long way to go before I can become a stay-at-home Mom.

Our first week at school was a struggle. Jami doesn't participate in singing and discussion. He loves to run around, minsan humihiga pa sa sahig or worst, binubuhat ang mga upuan. Of course I was kinda sad and thought na baka masyado ko syang minadali. At first mejo pine pressure ko sya ng slight to listen to teacher etc. Then I felt bad kasi nga first week pa lang talaga ng school eh. Hahah!

I realized that I would have to let him be. Masyado pang mahilig mag play probably because the environment is new to him. We never get a chance to join a summer school since it's not being offered by the school he went to. Although I am confident that he knows the basic and can socialize when he feels like it, I am still worried that he might have an overwhelming feeling regarding this new experience.

I am just really glad that all of my worries was just a first time mommy scares. I am truly confident now that we are on track. After a month of going to school, ako pala ang mao-overwhelm with the amount of things that Jami knows. They did plenty of activities in their books and I am so proud to see perfect scores most of the time. So far, he had 2 mistakes over all activities they did. Sabi ni Nanay sobra naman daw ako maka push to make his scores perfect. But for me, mag aachieve ka na lang, bakit yung hindi pa perfect? If hindi naman maging perfect, just as long as he did his best, then we could try again next time. For me, I want Jami to learn to have a higher goal and achieve it than accept mediocre things when he knows he could have done more. I want him to continuously challenge himself. =)

We had our first exam week last week and I was really shocked na may pa exam na agad si teacher. Haha! I felt slightly nervous because exam na yun eh. I know Moms have tendencies to protect na kung pwedeng tayo na lang ang gumawa pero syempre we can't always help them. A lot of things should be done by themselves and it's necessary to train them this young.

In just a month ang dami na agad nilang na i discuss including the living and non-living things.

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From time to time, nag rereview din kami ng dinidiscuss nila sa school and everyday when I come home from work, I always ask him on what they did for the day. Automatic na din yan that he'll get his bag to show me his books.

I know we have a lot more to learn but seeing him improve really moves me. Ang sarap pala ng feeling that they have take homes from all those experiences. Last weekend, I asked him if happy ba sya sa school and he said Yes. I also asked the names of his friends. He mentioned Brandon and Iya daw.

Anyhow, in the coming days we will have our nutrition month parade and I'll be the one to go with him sa parade. Syempre stage mother tayo ng slight eh. hehe! I just need a costume for it or else we'll go with a hat with Glow Food then P.E uniform na lang. =D

Kayo ba? What are your school activities so far?

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  1. haha me too cant wait for twinkle going to school next year.
    Good for Jami improving everyday sana c twinkle den :)


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