Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My 27th Birthday

Two weeks ago, we celebrated my 27th birthday!

Grabe! In 3 years time, 30 years old na ako! It feels weird thinking about it. Hahaha!

Anyway, we had a very simple birthday celebration. Alam nyo naman, hindi ako fan ng mga bonggahan with matching madaming bisita type of birthdays so it was just me, Daryl and Jami who went out after office hours.

Honestly, this is the first time that I worked on my birthday. For the past 9 years, I always celebrate my birthday at home. Automatic yan, naka leave ako from work. For me, birthdays are to celebrate with family. This year was different and it felt weird. Tumatanda na ata talaga ako! Hahaha!

I went to work just so I could earn more leave credits. Halos sagad kasi ako and it was only half of the year. I know we still have plenty of time to celebrate after work so I opted not to go on leave.

So after work, I went to pick the boys up from Ma Belen's house. We were deciding where to eat at that point but the original plan was to try those Buffet restaurant like Vikings. I don't eat in places like these because I find it a waste of money. I don't eat a lot so hindi maluwag sa dibdib ko ang magbayad ng almost Php1,000 just for less than a plate of food. I think my birthday is an exception since I am free while I only have to pay for Daryl. He eats a lot so sulit talaga. I am just trying to convince myself that Php300 is worth to pay for Jami's head but I really felt na hindi makatarungan. Hehe!

Although I am not very willing to pay for the amounts of these buffet resto, I am very welcome with experiences specially when I am with my family so maybe once in our lifetime, we could try. I thought my birthday was the perfect date but when we were talking about it on our way to the mall, nag back out ako because I really felt it was a waste of money.

We asked Jami what he wanted to eat because we really can't decide.

Me: Jami what do you want to eat?

Jami: Hmmmm...

Me: Spaghetti? Chicken?

Jami: Hmm.. No!

Me: What about Pizza?

Jami: Yess.. Pizza, Pizza!

So we finally settled to Shakey's. Unfortunately, mejo maliit yung branch nila in Mall of Asia so we have to wait in line for our turn. Even so, I was glad with their service and the food, of course.

We ordered the combos with pizza, pasta, chickens and mojos for Php1,300. It was a filling meal, we even had food to take home.

We inquired about their freebie for a birthday celebrant but you have to be a card holder for you to get a pizza. Their card costs Php499 (same as the large pan pizza you'll get as a celebrant) which will automatically give you 10% discount for your purchase. However, we decided not to get the card since it won't be economical to get a large size pizza with a card then shell out Php499 for one time. I couldn't tell if we will eat in Shakey's quite a lot so a discount card will be of no use.

At some point, some of their crew approached a table near us and sang happy birthday. Jami was looking forward to that! Haha! He might be thinking they were singing because of me, lol!

Anyway, I really love this kind of birthday - with family. That's all I could ask for. It's practical than celebrating with a lot of people. I never got used on getting too much attention on my birthday. Nahihiya kasi ako, lol! So yeah, I prefer my birthday's to be this special. =)

Looking back, I can't believe that for the past 5 years of my life, I did something new.

At the age of:

22, I was introduced with traveling. I considered it my "most traveled year so far".

Nov 2012 at Malacanang of the North

23, I became pregnant and a Mom to Jami.

24, I became an entrepreneur and managed my first online business.

25, I learned the basics of baking and started earning money thru it.

26, I overcame the fear of biking.

I can't believe I had some progress made. It was worth tracking them. Minsan akala ko, boring na ang buhay and paulit-ulit na ang ginagawa ko. Yun pala, I am making these small progress and I am a better version of me. Na- amaze ako! =D I was looking forward to doing or learning something new this year!


  1. same. hindi din ako nagcecelebrate ng birthdays ko ever since, unless sinurprise nila ako :D not sure if it is because kuripot ako and tamad mag asikaso ng bisita, or lumaki lang akong ganun. anyway, belated happy birthday ♥ super cute ng smile ni Jami sa 2nd picture. hihi

  2. Pareho pala tayo, Andrea! I grew up na hindi sanay sa malalaking celebrations, di kasi ako marunong mag entertain ng bisita. Lol! Thank you! =D


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