Friday, July 14, 2017

Our Jami Started Going to School

The year 2017 offered a lot of things to us. It's a combination of good and bad but still, I am so thankful that we can manage everything.

One of the good things that happened halfway thru the year was Jami going to school for the first time.

I am so excited!!!!!!!

I even planned to save a certain amount for a starter but something came up so we didn't keep that same amount after all. I was sad pero I am so grateful for our families for helping us throughout.

Despite of the struggle, it didn't stop us to continue our new milestone!

Jami is 3 years old, turning 4 this year so I have decided to send him to school. He was a candidate for Nursery 1 since he didn't get any school experience before. I tried looking for schools that offers a summer program for incoming Nursery student but most of the schools around our place don't have one. =(

How we chose the School

Quite frankly, I didn't have much option because we have limited amount of money. I don't even want to spend a fortune at this early stage so I was looking for a school that can give us quality education without creating havoc to our wallets.

My qualifications for choosing the school were:

  • Near our House - This is very important for me since I don't want Jami to get tired of commuting this early. Besides, with all the bad things that happens everywhere, nakaka trauma so gusto ko yung tipong walking distance lang from home. It's cost cutting somehow since I don't want to pay for tuition fee then pay for Jami's fare pa.  

  • Good Education Background - Of course we wanted to send our kids to school na hindi naman sila pababayaan and sure na meron matututuhan. I also want a school where there will be more than 1 teacher in a classroom so they can attend to each students' need.

  • Not too Expensive - with all the private school that's coming here and there, you have to know which school will offer you quality but cheaper naman ng konti diba? I heard pre-schools in Makati charges 30k-40k for a Nursery student! Imagine?? I can't pay that much even maging installment pa. I know we want the best education for our kids but it doesn't mean I have to pay that much naman. Probably when Jami's in elementary, mejo ma accept ko pa ng mejo masakit sa dibdib at katawan. hahahaha! 

Those are the top 3 things that I am looking for so I started searching for schools near our place. I have an officemate who's a pre-school teacher before and I asked about some things to be mindful of. All along I have this 3 school that are all walking distance away.

The first school I have in mind is a really big school with college students na din meaning it was really expensive talaga, around 40k na din in total. The second school was nearer but it was a small school. They offered Pre-school only and they have one room for nursery and kinder with different schedule.The last one is a day care center pero tatawid pa ng highway and I was kinda 50-50 on that kasi ayaw ko nga ng tatawid ng highway. Nakakapraning kaya with all those big trucks and buses diba! You'll never know.

So ending, we choose school number 2. Although it was a small school, it's cheaper compared to school 1 and a lot closer to our home. Jami doesn't have to cross the highway and that I heard good reviews from other moms about the quality of education from school 2. Anyway, I don't want to send him to school na sobrang expensive tapos hindi ko naman kayang bayaran diba? Or yung hirap na hirap naman akong mag commit sa expenses. I am sure it wouldn't be a very nice experience especially for Jami when he has to stop going to school because we can't afford or he would not take exams because wala pa akong pera to pay for his tuition fee. That'll break my heart big time kaya dun lang kami sa kaya ng bulsa namin ni Daryl. Hehe!

During summer, I went there to pay the reservation fee and saw our neighbor's kid. He was enrolled in a 1-1 tutorial class that the teacher's offered for their students. I was surprised that our neighbor can read! Matanda lang sya ng more than a year kay Jami and he only started school last year pero nakakabasa na sya in tagalog! I was so surprised, naalala ko kasi parang grade 3 na ako natuto mag basa hahahahaha!

Our tuition fee is quite reasonable and they have a very affordable installment plan. They charge for books separately along with school uniforms. We bought our own notebooks and the rest of Jami's school things from Robinson's and National bookstore.

I am looking forward to have a positive experience here in this school! =)

What about you Mommas? How did you choose your kids' school?

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