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Day Tour in Guimaras Island

Guimaras is so close to Ilo-ilo city, it's 15 minutes away so our original plan was to make it on the second day for a tour then early morning for our island hopping. However, we got all tired after our Gigantes Island and the way back so we enjoyed our stay in Circle Inn Hotel for the remaining hours of our day two.

Early morning of our third day, we skipped breakfast and headed to Ortiz wharf which is walking distance away from the hotel. My sister paid for our fare that costs Php14/head while the kids are free. We were asked to register our names then headed off to the docking area. Immediately, a boat is available to pick us up. It was a big passenger boat where bikes and motorcycle can be transported to and from Guimaras. We left couple of minutes after when every one else have settled down.

We only waited for about 10-15 minutes when we reached Jordan port in Guimaras. Transportation are available every couple of minutes so commuting isn't a problem.

There was a man who offered a tour in Guimaras. Since we didn't have reservations, we bargained with him. Of course bago mag tawaran, we took pictures where a Guimaras sign with a big mango was. It was a good thing it's quiet hidden, wala masyadong tao kaming kasunod. Lol!

Going back to bargain, the manong offered us the multicab tour for Php 2,000 but we managed to bring it down to Php1,500. Perks ng may ateng charming! hahahah. Well, sabi nya kasi "bakit sa online Php1,500 lang?" Hehe. So the manong gave in and just ask us to wait for couple of minutes until the multi-cab is ready. We were a total of 6 adults and 3 kids so we fit in to the cab comfortably. Oh by the way, we decided to take the light house and skipped the wind mill since it's quite far daw and we have to make additional payments. Due to a very constricted time, we would rather visit the light house since we were able to see the best wind mill so far - the one in Ilocos - Bangui Wind Mill (Farm).

Smallest Plaza

The Smallest Plaza is just along the way so we had our stop over for some pictures. The driver said that it's in the Guiness book of record for making it to being the smallest plaza there is. It was just a quick stop over so I don't have a nicer photos. We used my sister's phone and opted to go to Island hopping first before going to island tour.

We headed straight to Raymen's beach where our driver made an arrangement for our island hopping. We were expecting for it to be about Php500 for the first hour then Php150 for the succeeding hour. The driver went back and said that the resort ran out of boat for hopping but he managed to convince another boatman for Php1000 for 3 hours of island hopping. There's a Php200 difference but to avoid anymore hassle, we said we'll go. We didn't have a reservation, you see so we can't be so sure if the driver made additional profit of Php200 out of it. Just so we can get over with, we decided to take the offer.

Ang hirap mag maintain ng bangs ha! :p

Alubihod Beach

Raymen's Beach Resort is located in Alubihod beach. This beach has a fine sand with nice and clean water so the family could definitely enjoy it. There were a lot of people going on swimming that day so to save time, we decided to proceed with our island hopping tour. The boat picked us on the farther left of the photo above.

The boatmen said that waves were kinda rough so there were places that we can't go to. We passed by Turtle Island (where Turtles lay their eggs), Baras Cave, and Fairy Castle. We weren't able to go to Baras Cave because of the strong waves, while we didn't drop by to Fairy Castle and Turtle Island. Instead, the boat men brought us to Ave Maria where we had a little swim.

Ave Maria Islet

Mejo mabato at some part so better to wear an aqua shoe. There was also food for merienda being sold but expect it to be quite expensive.We spent a good 30 minutes swimming on the shallow part. Alam nyo naman, di ako marunong lumangoy. Haha!

Oh by the way, we save a dead pawikan on our way to Ave Maria Islet. Sabi ng boatmen, dead na daw yan! =(

I had a mixed feeling seeing this turtle this close. It made me sad na its dead but I am so excited to see it. The last time I saw one alive eh nung bata pa talaga ako, around grade 2? It made me so much more excited to go to Apo Island in Negros Oriental tuloy. hahaha! #travelgoals.

Our next stop was Lamurawan island. This island has a view deck where you could see 7 more islets.Take note that there's no entrance fee but a donation box placed before you descend back to your boat.

The view deck. Sayang naman, merong kahoy! =(
Our last stop was a newly built floating deck. We spent all the remaining hours of island hopping there because we can't visit the other location in our list. Please be reminded that the tour will depend solely on the condition of the sea. The boat is really small for it to go in an the open water specially if the waves are too risky.

Although our island hopping wasn't as exciting as it sound since we only visited a few, we had fun time on the floating deck where Nanay got the chance to jump 6-8ft high. Haha! The floating deck had a jumping site for some adrenaline rush.

Exactly 3 hours after, we head back to Raymen Beach to wash up. It was around lunch time when we came back and the sun was scorching hot but there were a lot of people enjoying the beach. I think there were also team building going on when we were there.

There were restrooms available near the beach but since there were plenty of people around, we have to wait for our turn. The worst part was, the water supply was very limited! As in malakas pa ang ihi ko compared to the pressure of water coming out of the shower. Sobrang frustrating at some point since you can't take a bath properly. Anyway, what you can do? Pagtyagaan na lang. I wondered if the supply inside their rooms were also like that?

Anyway, after some time, we were done so we head on to their restaurant to have lunch. Sorry no photos again, I don't know why I wasn't taking photos of our food. Sobrang gutom na, I guess? =D

I want to commend their restaurant. All the disappointment I had on their bathroom water supply were gone because they served delicious food, we enjoyed it. Take note that you can't trust me with food tasting ha? Mejo bias ako eh bilang picky eater talaga ako sa tunay na buhay! hahah. :P Mejo maliit nga lang yung restaurant nila so you have to wait during lunch time kasi mejo madami yung tao.

After our lunch, we headed back to our multi -cab so we could proceed with our island/city tour.

Guisi Light House

Since Guisi Light house is the farthest, this was our first stop for our city tour. From Raymen Beach Resort, it took around 20 minutes before we reached the location. Please be reminded that the multi cab can't take you to the actual Light house so you have to trek a little bit. It's a short trek by the way and the path is shaded naman so there weren't so much to worry about.

View along the way

When we get there, several group of people were there too not to mention that it was after lunch time so mainit talaga. What you'll see there was a light house ruin and the beautiful view of the beach with fresh air and cool wind.

I don't have much photos of the place since Jami fell asleep on our way here. I have to carry him on our short trek since I can't leave him alone sa multicab so tiis ganda talaga ako going up! hahah. I was so glad to finally see the end part and ang view, talaga naman nakakawala ng pagod. We spent arouind 20-30 minutes in this place just to cool down a bit. Guisi Light house asks for donation that you can drop on a box along the way. There were also souvenirs and local snacks being sold on your way. 

Our next stop was Trappist Monastery where souvenir items are being sold. Somewhat, this was Guimaras' most known souvenir store. There were ref magnets, bags, hats, local food pasalubong available at around Php35-Php150. 

I actually can't wait to try Mangoes of Guimaras at this point. Kating-kati na akong kumain ng mango being a fan myself! Our driver dropped us off in a small store on our way back to the town proper. He said it's cheaper there since the store have their own mango farm compared to the one's in the town proper na mejo pricey na. 

I bought around 1.4kgs of Mango as pasalubong. The price per kilo is Php65. O.M.G I can't believe it samantalang dito sa Manila, sobrang expensive na. Gusto ko talaga bumili ng madami kaso iniisip ko, it's just Jami and I on our way back to Manila so I can't carry all of it myself, so sad lang. =(

As soon as we got down the multicab, biglang dumami yung tao! Pakyaw levels din sila grabe! I said to myself, iba siguro talaga ang mangga ng Guimaras! Gusto ko na talaga kumain kahit 1 piece lang habang nasa byahe eh. Haha!

Our driver also dropped us along the highway with this wonderful view!

Our next stop was the Pitstop which was a restaurant that is known for their Mango pizza. It was in their town proper and can easily be found. It was around 2:30pm when we get there and I would say na blockbuster din pala talaga ang place. There were a lot of people probably because it was just right after lunch time. The place was quite small I would say and can get a little crowded on their peak hours. 

Haggard look na naman si ako! :D

My sister ordered their mango pizza (right photo) which is for me tastes quite interesting. Eh mango fan ako so syempre na enjoy ko diba? Instead of using tomato sauce, they used a mango puree (I think) with nuts and bell peppers. It's sweet so swak din sa mga kids although Jami is not a fan of mango so di nya gusto, mas prefer nya ang Hawaiian pizza (nothing fancy).  Don't ask me the price, nilibre lang ako jan! Hahah! 

After our merienda, my sister realized that we are behind schedule because she has to check out on our hotel in Circle Inn Iloilo. She booked for a half-day so the kids will have a place to rest while they pack away the luggage in the car. Hehe! We were rushing inside but the driver asked if we want to take pictures in Guimaras Sign.

We headed back to Jordan port which was quite a breezy experience although there were lines piling up. I would just like to add that it wasn't organized since you have to line up or make singit at your own risk so be careful when you are with kids. 

It was a quick ride back to Iloilo and this is where our Guimaras tour ends. I know it was just a short trip but pretty much everything on our itinerary that we wanted to do were accommodated except the island hopping which was out of our hands to decide on. 

To enjoy most of Guimaras, you may want to stay overnight near the beach. Raymen's beach is a famous one but there were other hotels around. There was also this big hotel that are being built when we were there. To sum up the expenses, please check below. 

The price of multicab can be divided in the number of people inside the cab but if you're a family, sulit na din naman. Also, please don't forget that your island hopping is solely based on how the sea's condition is. Better to go there on summer months to make the best of your island hopping.

I am really glad that finally, I stepped foot in Guimaras Island that I only get to hear or read on books or online. This was the 16th Philippine province so far and I am looking forward to at least visit half. Hehe. =)

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