Monday, August 14, 2017

Re-visiting Goals for 2017

It's 5 months before the Holidays!

Can you believe it? Sobrang bilis ng panahon!

Imagine! August na ngayon? How could it be? Samantalang parang kahapon lang nung nag birthday ako?!

So how're your goals doing? Are you on track or lost? Last month was the perfect time to reassess your goals and re-visit the plans you have listed down. The next best time is today. We still have 5 months before the year ends and for me, there's still a chance to go back on track.

If you wish to look back on the goals I have written early this year, please feel free to read through.

I seriously had some ups and downs this year and there were areas that I felt I achieved earlier than what I expected while I lack some courage to push on the other.

To make my goals a lot more manageable, I divided it into sections.

Personal Goals

I wrote down 7 goals and I am at 3 out of 7 at the moment. I am looking to accomplish more than that for the remaining months of 2017. I am happy how it turned out so far and I'll do my best to make it happen. =)

  • Attend Workshops -  I haven't done anything related to baking so far since I got so busy and focused with my new role in the office. Gusto ko muna kasing magamay ang lahat although I am looking to go back to baking anytime soon since it's almost BER months were baked goods are at its peak.
  • Hair Transformation - Eto wala pa talaga because I have a lot of financial things going on at this point that are much more important. However, this can be done throughout the year.
  • Vaccine -  rainy days are here and virus are everywhere due to inclement weather. Last year, we were able to get a cheaper price here in the office but it's different now. It's 50% price increase so I decided to look elsewhere. Good thing Jami isn't catching any virus just yet. I will have to contact his pedia for a cheaper flu vaccine in the coming days/weeks.
  • Loose Weight -  I was able to loose 8kgs in a matter of 3 months. I stopped at 57kgs since I am hearing a lot of side comments na wag na daw masyadong magpapayat. Honestly, I like my body now, I just need to have to work it out to make all muscles firm. Next move: Maintain the weight. :p
  • Read another book - I wrote that I want to read new books about finances. I haven't done one but I was able to read Harry Potter books - all of them. Next move: Read another book.
  • Be Punctual - This doesn't apply to my work at this time since we have a flexible schedule. I am part of another team now that handles back office tasks so schedules aren't that strict. Just as long as we go to work at a time we are expected to, all's good. I would like to tag it success because I was able to limit the amount of late to only twice in the first 3 months of the year which resulted to being promoted to work. =) Next move: Continue the hard work.

Family Goals

Family  is really important for me so to strengthen the bond, I separated my goals for my family. So far, we were able to reach 3 out of 5.
  • Travel - this year, we had more travel than what we have expected. Having that said, I could say we could stop at that for the year and plan na lang where to go next year.
    • Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte
    • Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort, Calatagan Batangas
    • Gigantes Island in Ilo-ilo
    • Guimaras Island
    • Bacolod City
    • Next Move: Save up for for travel fund (for next year).
  • Family Time - I am glad to say that we are spending more time together because we only have limited time everyday. Daryl started working last month so we barely see each other during weekdays or weekends. His rest days are on weekdays and mine is on weekends. Even so, when we get the chance at home, we often cuddle and make time for each other including Jami. Next Move: movie time. =)
  • Home Cooked Meals - We have been working on eating home cooked meals. Aside from the fact that we are trying to cut cost, I want to make sure that the food they eat are clean. So far, I would say it's a success since I am planning our food sometimes. Next move: Consistency in planning meals! 
  •  Staycation and Photoshoot - are the two least priority of all. When our finance allow, we'll proceed with it but surely, I can go by without these muna because I need to focus on building funds first.

 Relationship Goals

  • Eat Out/Date Night/Movie together/Spa Together - Well, Daryl started working and we have different rest days so we really can't do this soon. Quite frankly, we don't have a budget for it and we are trying to live below our means so this can wait. I sure enjoy the days we spend kulitan in the house and I am contented with that. 
  • Cuddle and Kiss more often - Yes! We are cuddling more than the previous year! Hahaha. I mean, we fight less now since we have one thing to stop fighting about - money. I also realized that we have to cuddle and kiss often to keep the fire burning so if there's a chance, before he goes to sleep or vice versa, cuddle cuddle muna. =)
  • Complement more - I do complement him not that often but if I get the chance and he does something really need to praise. I thank him for his hard work now that he helps with the bills and rent. I also say nice things when I noticed something new with him like hair. 
  • Understand each other more - It has always been me who's hot tempered among us so I did a lot of effort to at least minimize the amount of negative thinking. When we are about to argue, I am trying my best not to let the arguments get longer or if I am being sensitive to what he's saying, I am trying to think less. Although I am hot-tempered on some minor things, I could easily forget what I am mad about after some time. With that, we kiss and make-up quite easily pero he has to get ready with explanations when I remembered why I was mad 2 weeks ago. hahahaha! Baliw lang.

Financial Goals

  •  Beef up Emergency Fund -I know! Eto na naman tayo sa emergency fund hanggang ngayon wala pa rin! Hahaha! We just had a lot of expenses the last 7 months so it was really a struggle to save money. Also, I don't know what happen but because of debts, I was so scared to budget our money because I know it's going to be negative. It turned out really bad for the last couple of months. Good thing Daryl started his new job in June which means we will be able to catch up on this part. We still have 5 months before the year ends so hopefully kahit 1 month worth of expenses lang makapagtabi kami. Next move: Save at least a month worth until December.
  • School Fund - I was really looking to pay for Jami's tuition in cash however, the second quarter of the year went quite bad so we took the installment instead. The amount is manageable and since I started budgeting the money again last month, it's going really well and never felt a burden. Next move: Start saving in November up to May for next school year.
  • Coin to Piggy Bank - Just last month, I got hooked in saving 10 peso coins! I have read a lot of 50 peso challenge where every 50 peso bill that comes in to your hands, it's invisible for spending and should go to savings immediately. Since money is tight, I know the most that I can manage is 10 pesos and so far, I have collected some that I am looking to deposit to my ATM which will be used for the coming holiday season in December. =) Next Move: Continue collecting and deposit the money on ATM for holiday fund.
  • Travel Fund - No travel fund for the rest of the year since we had a lot of traveling for the first 6 months. I am looking to save some when our debts are fully paid. Next move: Plan our next travel and save for it before summer next year.
  • More Sideline/Additional Income - we are restarting our business so we could pay our debts faster and get more money saved. Next move: Earn from these sidelines to finish paying our debts.
  • SSS Loan Update - I was able to take advantage of SSS' loan restructuring program late April so I am now paying my old salary loan slowly. So far, I managed to pay 4 consecutive months which I'll share with you on a separate post. Next move: Continue paying for the next 20 months.
These are the goals I have listed down when the year started and the status of each goals so far. I am so glad that I am making progress in most of them. It's a good thing to look back at them once in a while to make sure that these goals are up to date and will have at least a tiny progress.

How about you guys? Kamusta ang mga goals? Buhay pa ba? Hehehe!

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  1. Congrats Mommy Jen, okay na yung 3 out of 7 as of this time, meron ka pang 3 months para sa 4 other goals mo to achieve. Kaya yan! Kami, so far so good. Marami rin ups and dows pero still need maging masipag alam mo na. :)

    Hope to see you and Jami soon. :)


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