Monday, October 30, 2017

Bacolod - Silay Heritage Houses Tour

Right after our day tour in Guimaras, we headed to the port to catch the 8pm fastcat to Bacolod.We arrived early so we waited until cars and buses are allowed to alight the ship (wow maka ship??) hahaha! We bought the business class for Php 350 for adults and Php150 for kids.

Haggard na yung bangs! Hahah.

Anyhow, we were kinda tired so we only took the time to take a rest. We didn't even have the time to eat dinner before boarding. Since my sister have a lot of snacks with her, we contented ourselves with it. Yun nga lang sobrang mahal ng cup noodles so mejo sad lang.

It took less than two hours when we reached Bacolod. Our hotel is around 10-15 minutes away via car so it wasn't a hassle at all. Transportation is what I love about this trip. We don't have to hire vans or cars or pay an expensive all-expense-tour to each city we go to. At some point nakatipid din because my sister didn't ask me to pay for gas hahaha! #perksofhavingasister

We stayed in The Inns Bacolod (click on the link to see photos from Agoda) which is just along the highway and a walking distance away from city proper. I actually took the cheapest room since it was just me and Jami plus Nanay. Although I didn't expect the bed to be too small, the ac kinda too noisy and the room isn't well lighted, and a very small blanket, I get what I paid for. The lobby was nice though and the breakfast is included in our stay. What would you ask for paying Php800/night? A television is available which is somehow important for me since it will make our stay a little less stressful dahil may pagkakaabalahan si Jami.

Since we had a late check-in, our first night was only to take a rest and get ready for the next day. Our original plan is to go to Campuestohan Resort for a whole day of swimming and fun and have a city tour on our last day before Jami and I head back to Manila, while my sister and family go to Cebu. Unfortunately, we were very tired the next day due to our very hectic schedule the day before so we opted to take our breakfast and leave around 10am for our city tour.

We passed by El Ideal Bakery to have our lunch and buy some take home food - supposedly pero money is tight hahaha and what I am looking to bring home is the Napoleones which is a known delicacy in Bacolod. I would say that I enjoyed the Sizzling Bangus meal that I ordered! Ang sarap eh. =)

Inside El Ideal Bakery

We took photos outside El Ideal which by the way along the highway so my brother-in-law has to take the photo from the other side of the highway pa and wait for the cars to clear out before mag take ng picture! Haha! It was really funny I remembered our buwis buhay shot in Sinking Bell Tower in Ilocos. =D

When we reached Silay, our first stop was the Bernardino Jalandoni House Museum. Unfortunately, it's closed every Monday! How could we not check the schedule?!

So we have no choice but to head on to the next house, Balay Negrense.

At that point we realized that we went on the day where these houses are closed! So please bear in mind not to go every Mondays! Lol!.

Although Balay Negrense was closed, we were able to take pictures outside and roam a little bit. It was really funny because Jami was freaking out when we headed to the left side of the house where the huge balete tree is located. When we were walking towards the side door to ask the caretaker if we can go in, Jami started to panic and said "Mommy! Let's get out of here!" with a very scared and worried look. Syempre kinabahan naman ako ng bongga diba? He might be seeing something I can't see so I carried him and asked what's wrong? I didn't get mad because I know that he was telling the truth and not making a scene lang.

We were told they are closed so we don't have a choice but to leave early. =( We passed by the Cinco de Noviembre and had a quick photo op too.

It was quite hard to take photos of the whole place because it's located on an intersection of a busy street. We only spent couple of minutes here since there's nothing much to do but a photo op.

We assumed that most heritage houses are closed every Mondays so we have no choice but to go back to Bacolod. I was really scared with Jami's little tantrum dun sa Balay Negrense baka kako na insidious na! Hahaha! He was whispering to his unan which by the way, he can't live without. Pinakikinggan ko kung anong sinasabi baka kung ano na. Hahahah! #paranoidlevel9999

We passed by a Calea store where my sister bought two slices of cakes (different flavors) we could try. I have heard this dessert shop is very known to be selling heavenly tasting cakes. Even before I went here in Bacolod, it is highly suggested to go there and try their cakes. Being a self proclaimed baker that I am, haha! syempre gorabels tayo jan. The verdict? I wasn't that impressed actually. As far as I can remember hindi masyadong sweet, which is fine, hindi nakakaumay. But I don't think this is the best cake shop of them all. Lols! We've also tried Felicia's which is inside SM, hindi sila nagkakalayo ng cakes ni Calea. I am not sure if we picked the wrong flavors but I think they may deserve a second try next time I visit Bacolod. We also passed by the Negros Occidental Capitol on our way to SM Bacolod which was also a nice and clean spot despite the fact that it's in the heart of the city. We were looking to take better photos but it rained a little and it's off limits to people. =(

For our dinner, my sister being the in-charge of this whole trip suggested we should try the Manokan Country. Eh saan ba galing ang inasal chickens diba? Why not try yung mga legit. Si Mang Inasal lang kasi ang na try ko dito sa Manila. Haha! Good thing, the place is located beside SM lang. It was a long karinderya-style place and you can choose which local store you should try. We went inside one (forgot the name) and ordered chicken inasal.

My sister noticed that the restaurant we went into had a branch in Makati. I just can't remember the name of the resto, I'm so sorry! Momnesia attack! =D

We actually just planned to go straight to The Ruins after before sunset since it's the perfect time to visit the place however, nagkalimutan na because of loads of chikahan after. We decided to go there tomorrow morning then Campuestohan Highland Resort after. We went back to the hotel after.

When we were settled down, we realized walang water so my sister and I walked around 5 minutes and we were in the center of the city. A lot of establishments and the streets were still kinda busy.

All in all, Bacolod City offered a lot of places to go to. It was a nice and clean city. I was hoping we had more time to go to Lakawon or even re-visit the museums and houses. Well, there's always a next time right? =) I now I lack so much pictures during this part of the travel. I guess I don't have much energy minding the little one and getting all the poise together no? Hirap din pala. Hahah! Di bale, I'll do better next time. I should blog about our last day in Bacolod soon to finally finish the posts that are looong over due! =D

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nailaholics celebrate #NationalPamperingDay again!

Being the busy mothers that we are, having breaks are necessary from time to time. Pampering usually is on the top list as it doesn't require that amount of time and money to get one.
When it comes to pampering on a national scale, Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa holds the only spot. After introducing the celebration of the National Pampering Day last year, Nailaholics is back at it again this 2017 with an amplified nationwide celebration of relaxation that everyone is looking forward to this October 17

The National Pampering Day got off to a good start last year where Nailaholics offered free manicure service and a stress relieving hand massage from 10 AM to 12 NN on all their branches nationwide. This year, everyone will be treated to a free service of their choice: a soothing manicure, calming foot spa or a relaxing foot massage. 

“We Filipinos are very hardworking in any given aspect of our lives and a nation of energetic and industrious people best deserves real pampering once in a while. This year, as Nailaholics celebrates the 2nd National Pampering Day, we go deeper and dedicate this to everyone and remind them to take it slow, take it easy, zone out and relax for a while.” said Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head of Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa. 

“With last year’s success of the National Pampering Day, we are back this year with a bigger and much more enjoyable day of pampering. In partnership with the number one salon brand and most beloved nail lacquer brand in the world, O.P.I., National Pampering Day 2017 will accommodate more guests with the extension of pampering time until 1PM.  Also, the best thing about this year’s National Pampering Day is that it will be in support to World Vision, The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and Save Philippine Seas” added Amaro. 

So save the date and get ready to park away any thoughts of work because the only responsibility you have is to loosen up. Wind down and head down to any Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa branch on October 17, 2017 (Tuesday) from 10 AM to 1 PM and get yourself a free relaxing manicure, foot spa or foot massage. 

Let Nailaholics’ skilled nail technicians take care of you for a little while and walk out of this Hamptons-inspired nail salon feeling refreshed and ready to bring it on again. Grab this once a year treat only at the country’s top destination for relaxation and real pampering. 

Visit to check their services and find the branch nearest you. Get updates through their Facebook Page Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa, Twitter @_nailaholics and Instagram @_nailaholics.
Nailaholics is an urban destination that offers its customers an escape from the daily grind through its exceptional interiors and exceptional pampering service. It currently has more than 50 branches nationwide, including in Gateway Mall, Eastwood Citywalk, Cash and Carry Makati, Harbor Point Mall Subic, SM Cebu, SM Bacolod, and SM Lanang.