Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Jami's School Achievement

There have been a lot of events in Jami's school in the past couple of months. We had Nutrition Month, Buwan ng Wika and Foundation Day and lastly, their field trip. I am so glad to be part of all these. I remember those are the usual school programs during my time and it was a good reminder now that I attend them not as the student but as a Mommy na! Emerged.. those good old days! Lol.

Anyway, during the first few weeks of school, I was really worried since Jami doesn't know anything about this new environment which I even blog here. Diba nga hindi naman kami nakapag prepare like going on a summer school? It was pure house training lang.

Fast forward to August, we had our fist quarter exam and long quizzes. I was so anxious we have to review every night on each subject they will take the next day. Good thing ganon na today because you can only focus on one subject unlike when I was a kid. Feeling ko sabay sabay lahat. Lol!

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The result came out all perfect!! I can't believe it! I was only expecting at least some checks but Jami proved me wrong. When their card was handed out, he was ranked 4th place over 23 students in their classroom. I was so happy! Imagine our of 23 students, naka top 4 pa ang anak ko!

Couple of weeks back, we had our second quarter exam without any expectations again. Although I was kinda nervous ulit, hindi ko alam if enough ba ang reviews namin every night. When I came home one night, his exam papers were given. I was doing the happy dance inside seeing all papers with perfect scores. This time, yung exams nila were 1-25 to 30 items na unlike nung first quarter na mejo konti lang.

Then two weekends ago, I went to their school to get his card. When I arrived, sabi ng mga teachers if I have a phone with me because they have posted the ranking sa blackboard.

Omaygad! My heart was pumping so hard!

Nag top 1 na sya!!!

The teachers were congratulating me. From top 4 to top 1? I cannot imagine really.

Now the challenge was to keep it that way. I always remind Jami to listen to teacher and ask questions if he doesn't understand something. Although the feedback that the teachers gave was very encouraging like Jami knows the answer and if he was asked by teacher, sumasagot agad. The only thing that we have to work on is his penmanship. Mejo mukang kinahig pa ng manok eh. Hahah!

Every weekend, we try our best to practice writing specially pag nakita kong bored sya in watching TV. I encourage him to practice and make him copy words na nakikita namin sa kung saan-saan. I think one thing that works for him is that, he looks forward to answering his books so that's what we use in reviewing his lessons. I also do my best to think of the things that he watches on TV, his favorite things or something he usually do so I can relate it to his lessons. In that way, mas natatandaan nya. Well, that's what I think and so far it's working naman.

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Like last night, he showed me their activity tracing letter K. The writing is terrible pa rin so I asked the name of the picture which was a 'kettle'. He doesn't know daw. I told him it was the kettle which we use in the kitchen that makes sound when the water is boiling. Ayon, na gets na nya. Haha! When he hears the kettle sounds, sisigaw na yan "Mommy yung init" so he's very familiar with it. Hindi lang nya alam na kettle pala ang tawag dun. :D

I am looking forward to next quarter and hopefully ma-maintain ni Jami yung nasimulan na nya. As much as possible ayaw ko naman na ma pressure sya but I encourage him to study and improve everyday. When I get home from work, bago pa ako mag bihis, tinatanong ko na yan kung anong ginawa sa school tapos we will check his books and notebooks before I eat dinner. We have been doing that since the start of the year and Jami has improved a lot. He recognizes the books they used for the day so hindi na ako hirap mag hanap.

Honestly, I didn't imagine Jami to do good in school. Sobrang malikot nga kasi sya, paikot-ikot sa room and sometimes hindi nagpa participate sa group works. But then, those are the things that he does at the start of the school. Since July kasi, parents are not allowed inside the compound so I am not sure if his behavior has improved too. I guess it did because he had high grades this second semester. I am praying that he will continue the best things that he is doing now. It really brings honor to the family.

Good job to our baby! We love you!

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