Tuesday, December 26, 2017

After Christmas Rush

Okay so it's official, tapos na ang Christmas and all are well rested na somehow.

Last couple of weeks kasi, sobrang aligaga ng mga tao, they are everywhere so sobra din ang traffic here in Manila.

How did you celebrate your Christmas? Did you stay at home with family & friends? Went out of town or out of the country? Shalaaa.. Regardless on how it was celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful time.

Well, I know I have mentioned before that I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas day. The day I always look forward to was celebrating New Year's Eve. It was a special one because it reminds me so much of my childhood. Super exciting!

You might be confused but yes, you are reading it correct. We don't celebrate Christmas because we grew up in Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

When Jami came, we always go to my byenan's house to spend the night. Walang gift giving actually. I never get used to it even those aguinaldo's so I don't pity Jami for not getting one this past few years of Christmas. I strongly believe in the religion I grew up with so I never felt "kawawa" growing up for not having what everybody else has. I believe na hindi din sa perang nakukuha yan to feel the joy of Christ being born and saved us from our sins. Diba? So don't be judgemental that some are "kawawa" or "sana ganyan ka din" because they don't get money from Ninongs and Ninangs.

Okay too much negativity. hahahah! Sorry, I just have to release that.

In a matter of days, it's 2018 and I feel so excited and somehow not ready. I was looking forward to it last month tapos biglang anjan na pala and I am not "that prepared" pala. Lol!

You might ask, prepare saan?

For the coming year, syempre. I felt I have all the chance in the world to start over, be wise, make good decision etc. Eto lagi yung exciting part ng New Year so this what makes it feel special for me.

This time, we might celebrate it to my byenan's house. Feels weird kapag naiisip ko because I have been having new year's eve sa bahay namin. I feel sad somehow but I think I'll be fine. Besides, we are celebrating it with family pa rin naman. That's what's important.

Let's cherish the remaining days of 2017! Happy Holidays guys! =)

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