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Campuestohan Highland Resort

The last part of our tour in Visayas was the Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod. As mentioned previously, it should be done on our third day but due to our very tiring and hectic schedule the day before, we have decided to tour the place on our very last day.

We checked out of The Inns Bacolod in the morning right after breakfast and headed to The Ruins, spent some time and went straight to Campuestohan Highland Resort. It was almost an hour drive from city proper so we arrived around 9am-10am. It was Monday morning but there were quite a number of people in the area. I guess weekends or holidays can be a lot more than that but then the place is really big and could accommodate huge number of guests.

As soon as we paid for entrance fee of Php 300 for adult and Php 150 for kids (2 years old and below are free), we headed to parking slot and occupied one of the cabanas near the restaurant. There was also a pool walking distance away, and boy! Don't mention the views! Since it was located in the mountains, sobrang cool ng weather with a breathe taking views. I like the place actually! Ang sarap siguro mag overnight there.

We were unsure on how we should pay the cabanas so we asked one personnel and was told that an in-charge will go there. So basically, sila pala ang kusang lalapit sa cabanas para mag ask ng payment. Mejo convenient because you only have to get settled and wait for them to bill you. Hehe! No long lines in paying.

More cottages
There was this bridge above our cottage which we went to immediately. All I could say was.. SOBRANG GANDA NG VIEW!!Plus free pa ang use ng bridge. We have also tried the Zip line biking if that what's it's called for Php100. Scary sya sa first time na matutong mag bike! hahahah!

Playground for kids

More parking space

Parking spaces

Oh my! the view! It was a lot better in person.

The kids immediately changed into swimming attires and enjoyed the pool. Not long after, I saw Jami without his clothes on. Naghubad! Later on saw commotion, yun pala nadulas!! He was running on and off the pool. He slipped and bumped his head (backpart) in a concrete! Napatakbo na lang talaga ako and carried him. He was crying really hard! Buti na lang, there were life guards in every pool area so one accompanied us to the clinic to have him checked. Na-stress ako ng very light because the hospital can be a little far if the case is worst. The nurse checked Jami and good thing, mejo nagkaron ng redness lang yung part na nauntog. I was guessing it was his elbow who took all his weight after he slipped because he had scratches there. Jami was able to limit the head bump kasi yung pwet and elbow nya ang unang nag impact.

Thank God!!

I was really worried. I was asked to put ice and monitor him if he gets dizzy or nausea. He wasn't sleepy din so it was a good sign.

Just so I could take all the worries away, I took the chance to roam around the place and found out na super laki pala talaga! They had a lot of attractions with different themes. Ang galing lang din ng staging and the statues were huge! as in!  It was a theme park plus swimming pools! I took Jami to a stroll for some picture taking. =)

Nako! I swear the photos don't give justice to the place since sobrang ganda and well thought off. For a whole day, hindi ka mauubusan ng gagawin. Almost every part were instagram worthy! Then if you're tired of picture-taking, pwede kang mag swimming. Sulit na sulit ang entrance fee. No wonder ang daming tao even on a Monday. Pang family talaga ang place and it offers a great bonding experience. The weather was nice sobrang cool ng air, yun nga lang mainit din kapag katirikan ng araw. We also had lunch in their restaurant. The food taste okay, parang normal Filipino food. Maybe next time we could try their accommodation. =)

Sorry if under dress si Jami ha. He just got out of swimming pool after the incident so wala na akong time na bihisan sya sa sobrang stress ko. Hahaha!

"Sana anak, wag kang magalit sakin sa mga photos mo when you're old enough. I swear bata ka pa jan at wala ka talagang pakialam eh. Hahaha! Love you!" =D

Since my sister and family have to leave the place earlier (for their Cebu trip), and our flight back to Manila is around 6pm pa, I have decided to be left behind.

When the family left, Jami and I took a shower near our cottage. I must say na sobrang lamig ng tubig talaga. It's as if you took a bath with icey water!! Around 4pm, I have decided to leave Campuestohan para hindi kami abutan ng dilim sa daan.  Take note that Campuestohan is quite far from the city proper.

Mejo mahirap din pala carrying a luggage, a back pack and more than 1kg of sweet mango from Guimaras along with your 4year old kid. Nanay was so worried dahil kami nga lang ni Jami. It was a good thing that I grew up hearing Nanay's dialect (Ilongga/Hiligaynon) which is being used in Bacolod so it wasn't that hard to communicate with them. I can understand the dialect somehow but I can't speak straight so I usually answer in tagalog. Karamihan din naman sa kanila could speak tagalog so it wasn't an issue at all.

 I asked the guard to take a photo of us as a souvenir.

I rented a tricycle to bring us straight to the airport which originally costs Php800. I managed to bargain and make it to Php650. Yun nga lang, along the way, the driver said that he'll drop us off where the van would take us to the airport since tricycles are not allowed along the main highway. I just have to pay him Php500.

Seriously, ang daya ni manong. He offered to take us to the airport tapos biglang bawal daw sila sa highway? The guard from Campuestohan told us that it costs only Php100-Php150 to the van terminal. Nag inquire kasi ako before hiring a tricycle but since the tricycle driver offered to bring us straight to airport, pumayag na ako sa Php650 tapos i ka cutting trip nya ako. But I don't have time to argue, Jami was so tired he fell asleep while we were on the tricycle, plus all the baggage, hinayaan ko na lang.

We arrived in the van terminal that could bring us to the airport (I forgot the name of the building but it was on an intersection with Mcdo and Jollibee). Fare costs 150 per head (kids are free) which will leave based on schedule. Since we arrived earlier, Jami and I ate at a Mcdonald across the street and went back to secure our seats 15 minutes before the scheduled departure from the terminal.

I was really glad that we made it safe! Daryl picked us up from the arrival area in Naia terminal 3 na. It was such a relief because I can no longer carry everything with Jami being so sleepy. hahah! Although I am glad that I was able to experience riding the airplane just the two of us, I am sure hindi ko yan uulitin for quite sometime. =D

Campuestohan Highland Resort
Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

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