Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2018

We have 3 more days remaining before saying goodbye to year 2017.

I personally liked this year, somehow I wish it won't end but yeah, we always have to move forward.

There are a lot of things happened this year. Some I didn't actually remember! I was surprised to read about it on my 2017 planner which I bought from National Bookstore.

This year, I have found the trending Mercury Drug Suki Day book in social media particularly in Facebook. It went viral due to it's nice cover colors and interesting additional features and articles inside. I have also found out that it only requires 30 points to claim one as long as you have a Mercury Drug Suki Card. I had one years ago so I only waited until the end of December to get one.

Why now? Ayaw ko kasi ma over excite sa kakasulat eh. Lol!

Anyway, I finally paid attention to social media posts from Mommy Pehpot Blog on Facebook about buying packs of Kotex which will give you instant 10 points. I have mistakenly bought 2 kinds of Kotex that aren't included on their item of the month so no additional points on that. I initially have 14 points on my card so I only needed 16 to get the day book. I bought two packs of Kotex so I have 34 points in total before claiming.

Today, I called several Mercury Drug branches along Pasay and Makati hoping they still have some in stock! Sobrang trending nya, laging out of stock. I was even told by a lady in the cashier that their allocation of the planner has been consumed so there are chances not to have some delivered to their branch anymore.

I tried calling 6 Mercury Drug branches and was only told they will 'hopefully' restock in January third week. Sad! The 7th branch I called which was Mercury Drug Malibay branch (Pasay along Edsa) came out positive! I tried to immediately reserve one pero madami naman daw stock and all colors are available pa so no need for reservation.

I took my lunch and went there agad! Claiming one was easy, just need to present your suki card.

Some people came inquiring about it while I was there so I suggest to call the branches before going there to see if they have the daybook in stock. Sayang kasi effort eh.

The daybook is available in three colors: Green, Blue and Peach Blossom.

From Mercury Drug Facebook Page
I like the Pink Blossom but I loved the Green! I also realized that 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog so very timely sa color Green! :D Pwede din naman blue, I just like how the Green looks papansin. Heheh!

You can check Nheng's wonderland vlog about unboxing of Mercury Drug planner here.


Seriously, Mercury Drug did a good job this year since the colors of the daybook are very millenial so it caught a lot of attention. I also loved the cover, the designs are embossed so may texture. As mentioned, it has colorful articles and minimal activities like sleep tracking, eating habit, water intake etc. There are plenty of space to write down your thoughts too. 

The only thing that disappoints me was, it has no calendar. I meant it has no usual dates on each pages like most planners. I was expecting it to have one and felt sad for 1 minute. 

However, I realized hindi naman ako araw araw nagsusulat. Some days are just plain boring and has nothing to write about so I guess I could work with that. I just have to write down the day or even allocate the pages month per month to make it more organized. 

Nevertheless, the planner was really nice for the price of Php125. Some even said they only have to spend Php50 for it. Not bad at all right?! I am just happy with it plus I got the color I was eyeing for so I felt complete now that the year is about to change! 

Happy New year guys!!

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