Friday, December 29, 2017

Nursery School Activities

Couple of months ago, we joined several school activities including Buwan ng Wika and Nutrition month. I felt this was a milestone for the both of us being me as the official Mommy of a school boy while Jami was a real school boy. Hahah!

May masabi lang. =D

Anyway, let me share with you our Nutrition Month celebration. They were asked to come on a costume based on the category given to their classroom or on P.E uniform with hat while mommies wear a color coded shirts like red for nurseries and yellow for kindergarten.

I had a hard time looking for a costume while too lazy to make one. Alam nyo naman I wasn't a very artistic type or person at wala talaga akong ka art art sa katawan. It wasn't also a competition na may mananalo so I didn't exert to much effort. We ended up buying a hat and added fresh vegetables on top. Hat costs Php 50 then Php10 for the veggie. Our classroom was to represent the Glow food which was mainly the veggies and fruits.

We had a short parade around the subdivision. This was our first event for this school year and I think was such a good experience after all. The kids were all sweaty after the walk but their teachers prepared some refreshments.

Nagulat lang ako since some students had a donut for grow food. I wonder if donut was really part of nutritious food ha?! Lol.

Couple of weeks later, we were then asked to wear a costume for their celebration of Buwan ng Wika plus school foundation day. The kids had a short dance presentation to perform in front of the crowd which mainly were the parents and students.

Since it was Nanay who accompanies Jami to school, I don't have an idea which music piece neither the dance steps that they are to perform. Nanalig na lang talaga ako na alam ni Jami ang sayaw nila. I was asking him to dance in front of me and show me the steps pero hindi ko magets yung sayaw talaga. Lol! I ended up letting it go and just wait for the day of performance.

To my surprise, sumayaw naman si Jami. The only thing was, poker face lang talaga at walang ka giliw-giliw sa pagsasayaw. Hahaha! It was fun watching him dancing. I was so proud kahit gulo-gulo ang steps ng sayaw nya. I have accepted that he wasn't really good in dancing because his Daddy wasn't anyway. Hahaha! By the way, if you wish to watch the video of their dance, you may check my IG feed on the left side of the blog or search @its_mommy_jen.

Our costume was borrowed from my nephew. I just bought a camisa de chino for Php120 in Baclaran. I bought size 10 since his undershirt was a little bigger for him, naisip ko baka sakto lang. Wrong! It was too small. I went back to the stall and had it exchanged to a size bigger than what I bought originally. It fits perfectly this time and could still be used next year in case we need it again.

We also joined our first field trip which I will share on a separate post in the coming days. Sobrang dami ko na kasing backlogs. I hope I can finish them all as a fresh start in 2018! Can't wait for the new year. =)

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