Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Ruins, Bacolod

Part of our Bacolod trip in June was to visit 'The Ruins'.

The original plan was to go there in the late afternoon but due to some adjustments, like not realizing na close pala ang museums and heritage houses every Monday, we went to SM and completely forgot our itinerary. Lol! Naalala lang namin when we were having dinner and it was already past 6pm and The Ruins closes at 7pm. Toink!

We have decided to go there early morning the next day before our Campuestohan Highland Resort tour. As I have mentioned previously, transportation was not an issue on this trip because my sister brought along their car. It was a really good plan and money saver since you don't have to hire private cars/vans or group tours which can become really expensive especially if you have kids in tow.

This day was me and Jami's last day before we go back to Manila while my sister and family's travel to Cebu so we have to check out from The Inns Bacolod and bring our things with us.

It was around 30 minutes drive to reach the place. Entrance fee was Php120 for adults and Php20 for kids.

The place was well maintained, huge and perfect for big events like wedding. Sobrang ganda siguro ng place na to if it was not burnt down.

Inside The Ruins

Not allowed to go up

Short informative video of the historical place.

I also captured this shuttle's schedule pick up and drop off if you wish to go to the Ruins without private cars or not to hire a tricycle which could be a little pricey dahil malayo-layo sya from the city proper.

Over all, it was a nice experience to visit this historical place. The story of The Ruins was very touching and saddening of course. I just wish we were able to visit around 5pm when the lights are on plus no rain showers. Nevertheless, if you are planning to visit Bacolod, don't forget to include The Ruins on your list. =)

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