Friday, April 6, 2018

Jami's Nursery Moving Up and Recognition Day

Jami finally finished his Nursery year. He graduated on March 22nd, held at Cecile's Restaurant in Las Pinas. The school he went to was a small pre-school in our community so they don't have grounds/auditorium to held the event to. Their graduation fee was Php 1,900 inclusive of the kids meal after the event. I found it really steep actually since I don't remember paying this much during my time. Syempre nga naman, sa public school ako all my life. Anyway, I was told by a friend that she paid the same amount for her son during graduation so baka yun nga ang standard for private schools.

I took a leave from work just to witness this special day! It was a good thing that it was Daryl's off from work too so we had the chance to go together with no problem. I intended to arrive early since it's our fist time. The invitation stated that the event will start by 1pm, ni hindi man lang kami nakapag lunch. We bought one meal from a fast food nearby and waited for the event to start.

I am glad there were seats allocated for parents. Hindi nagkakagulo in finding a seat plus, walang mawawalan ng chairs. Each student were given two seats for their parents so if they brought additional person, they will be standing in the back unless there were seats that the venue could provide pa.

The ceremony started 30 minutes after everyone else settled down. Kids were seated in front while us parents were at the back. Kakatawa lang, I told Daryl na hindi ako sanay na nakaupo sa likod or middle because I am so used on my last name being letter A so I am always in front. Hahah! While waiting for the program to start, the teachers allowed the parents to take pictures on the stage.

I realized na mejo mahirap pala if you're a family of three no? It's either me and Jami on a photo, or Daryl and Jami. Challenging ang pag take ng photo with us 3 in it.

With teacher Jess

With Ms. Anne
The graduation ceremony started, giving out special awards and diplomas. I wasn't really expecting Jami to be the class first honor because he's really playful. During their practice days na sinamahan ko sya, I noticed that the teacher often calls him because he's playing with his seatmates. I think he somehow needs improvement on being quiet and focused haha! Kaya okay na okay na sa akin ang pagiging top 2 nya.

It was also a surprise to me and Daryl that he managed to get the 'Best in Mathematics' on their batch. Most of the time kasi, madalas kong ma ituro ang reading and language subject than Science and Math. I came to a realization that he wasn't that interested in Science as of yet. Maybe in the future I could review him more in Science especially in Math if dun pala sya mas nag eexcel.

Class' Salutatorian

Accepted his first diploma

One of the happiest day!

After the ceremony, the kids had one set of meal. Then off we went to SM Southmall to celebrate this special day. We decided to eat in Classic Savory and ordered their family meal. Super filling and budget friendly. We even had take home food after.

Family Picture muna bago kumain.

Set Meal 1 - Half Chicken, Corn and Crab Soup, Sweet and sour Fish Fillet, Pancit and 4 iced drinks.

I didn't know the feeling until I was there. Ganito pala ang makapag pa graduate ng anak. Super sarap ng pakiramdam. I was joking Daryl na nakapag patapos na kami. Hahahah! One year down, 17 years to go! Whew! Kelangan pa ng madaming madaming pasensya at pera.

Dear Jami,

Anak! Congratulations! You made it! Pa bonus mo na lang sa amin ni Daddy that you graduated with flying colors! I am the happiest Mommy and for sure Daddy feels the same. This is the result of our late night study time. When Mommy gets home from work, tayo naman ang maghaharap to check what you did at school and if you have assignments, or if exam/long quizzes, nag rereview tayo. Bale wala ang puyat and pagod. Pinalitan mo ng dalawang medal anak. Thank you and I hope you study well in the future. It wasn't your medals that defines you for who you are so don't feel the pressure. Just as long as I know you're doing your best, okay tayo jan, anak. We love you so much and we promise to work even harder. May God bless you and hear your prayers, my lovey! 

Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp

Last month, Jami and I was invited to join the launch of Bambini Baby Cologne in Glorietta Activity Center. It was the first blog event that I went to after a year or so, which made me really excited.

Since this was a family boot camp, I decided to bring Jami with me. It was a really long time since the last time I brought him with me to events so I am not quite sure how everything will work out. I noticed later on that Jami is on a stage na hindi na ganun ka kulit. He behaves well and make friends with other kids his age or older. Good thing also that my mommy blogger friends were there so it was a mini get together of sort because it's been a while since the last time we joined an event.

We arrived just before 11am which gave us ample amount of time to look for a seat and roam around. The registration booth was already open and there were families inside the activity center. They also had activity booths for the kids and parents to try. 

Our first activity. Mejo shy pa si Jami. Haha.

Looking for the pictures hidden on these plastic balls.

Find their mommies!
 The buffet was opened and had our filling lunch before Iya Villania-Arellano and baby Primo came out and joined the fun.

The new brand ambassadors!

Iya shared how she manages to take care of Primo at home and how she's dealing with her second pregnancy. She and baby primo has been officially welcomed as the new brand ambassador for Bambini Baby Cologne.

“We love Sunny Playtime. It's just the scent I prefer on Primo. It has a nice, mild, yummy scent that makes Primo nakakagigil even more! I also love how playful and inviting the packaging is. We actually have to hide the bottles from Primo because he likes to point to the mom and baby animals on the sticker front, then open the bottle to put some cologne on. Baka maligo na sa cologne eh,” Iya laughs.

After Iya's talk, there were games for parents and their kids. It was unexpected to be invited up on stage to join the game, mejo nahiya ako ng slight and was hesitant at first but I did it for the sake of Jami. Hehe! Eventually hindi mo na yan mahihila sa mga ganyan so habang kaya pa, go lang ng go. It's always the experience that matters.

Thank you Mama Coi for the photos :)
Jami's turn on the game.
It was funny since I am not sure if we're going to win the game. The host will mention/sing a song which they have to fill in. For example, "twinkle, twinkle little ___." I am not that familiar with all of the nursery song to be honest! hahah. I am glad Jami did it wholeheartedly at hindi naman nahiya. =D

We won the first game. =)
Jami and I found the event really exciting since we get to try the games and was able to take home a small token from Bambini after winning the first game. As Bambini relaunches with a new product for babies and kids, it hopes to be part of every parent and child’s small moments and big adventures. Available in three sizes — 25ml, 50ml and 125ml — and packaged in an easy-to-go grip curvy bottle, the Bambini Baby Cologne lets parents and children enjoy life’s little surprises anytime, anywhere.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Your Checklist in Finding your Dream Family Car

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Some family see a car as a necessity nowadays. Why not? Having your own car gives you comfort on long road trips. It's easier for moms too since younger kids will be seated on a car seat and being able to attend to their demanding needs.

Now there can be a lot of car in the market that offers different capabilities and benefits, not to mention the prices. As we all now, it varies relatively on how the car functions. Today, I would like to share my insights on how to decide in choosing the perfect family car for your family. You may be looking online for information on what to look out for in a car that fits to a family of three and up.

As a parent, we have a lot more requirement when choosing the brand and functionality of almost all the things that we buy. Of course you shouldn't miss the opportunity to look for that great car that could make your life easier while traveling with your kids. We were lucky to be able to borrow Daryl's mom's car at some point two years ago which gave us a lot of coziness and pleasant experience. So below are the things that you should look out for before you say yes to the car!

1. COMFORT - This is definitely on the top list. Being on the road most of the time makes you feel that your car is your second home. You even put things 'just in case' you need them like a pair of slippers, or different type of shoes maybe? So you don't have to be worrying that your shoe doesn't match with the event you're going to, right? Happens to me all the time being so busy with mommy-thingy. Do you feel happy while sitting down and not having the anxiety because the seat is too small or too bumpy? Does the air conditioning unit of the car on the right place? You don't want the kids sweating at the back which may cause a lot of whining later on specially on a very hot day on the road. You should always consider the level of comfort that your family car could give you.

2. AMPLE SPACE and FEATURES -  Some car had enough space to rest your legs while on the road while some don't. You have to consider these as kids could get bored sitting on a car for 5 minutes. You don't want to stress yourself not being able to attend to their whining because you can't move around. Does the compartment of your car big enough to carry those overnight bags? not to mention that bulky stroller for your new born. I bet you don't like to be seated next to your massive luggage while traveling. Is your car kid friendly? Does it have a better cup/bottle holder? You don't wish to grab for your diaper bags every so often just to meet your baby's need of milk, don't you? Always examine the space and the feature of that car your buying just so you won't feel bad paying for your auto loan eventually because it doesn't fit your needs.

3. PRICE - Being the budget queen of the household, you don't want to wreck havoc to your finances just because you took a car loan way more than what you can pay monthly. Aside from all the comfort or features that your family car can give, you also want it to be budget-friendly. Before buying that car, why don't you look around to see if car dealers could give you an acceptable discounts or maybe freebies? You could also go online and check your monthly amortization if you buy this brand of car. There are tons of auto loan calculator on the web which could give you an idea and even plan for your future finances.

Every family has different needs but I believe these three would always make it to the top list in finding your family car. On this age where information is just one click away, I am sure you'll be able to get your hands on your dream car easily.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Third Month is Out

So ayun na nga! Matatapos na ang buwan ni wala pa din akong post na matino! hahaha!

Sorry mga momshies! Mejo ngarag lang talaga ako this month. Sobrang daming event at gastos, na stress na ako kakaisip. Heheh!

Anyway, kahit napakagastos ng left and right na event, I am so glad since most of them are on a happy side. I should blog about them sometime for safekeeping of these wonderful memories. Sarap kaya magbasa ng old posts.

So ayon, I am not actually here to blog something. Wala pa ako sa wisyo ngayon because I have to wake up every four hours for the past 3 days to make Jami drink his medicine. Yes, he's still sick at the moment and naiyak ako sa presyo ng gamot. But yeah, hoping he'll get better soon!

Thank you everyone for always looking after this blog. I'll shall update you soon. Mwuah! =D

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Valentine's Dinner in Ramen Kuroda

So it's the end of February na pala! I lost track of time and didn't realize na hindi pala ako nakapag post ni isang entry sa blog for this month. Lol!

I need to learn time management. I easily get distracted so most of the time, hindi ko nagagawa yung mga dapat kong gawin. Hehe.

Anyway, what I really want to talk about was our Valentine's Dinner at Ramen Kuroda. Being a picky eater, I have very small selection of food that I like. However, as years pass by, I am more open in trying different food than those that are super familiar for me. I always hear my officemate talk about ramen and I wonder what's in it that makes them salivate for just thinking about it.

When Daryl asked me about our plan for the day, I immediately told him that we'll just eat ramen. I guess Daryl liked the idea since it will be another first for the both of us. I did some research of restaurants that we can go to along Pasay. It was our halfway point and it will be easier for us to go home. I also thought that there will be a lot of people going in malls, watching movies etc., so to avoid the crowd, we went to the newly opened Double Dragon Plaza near Blue Bay walk.

I have to choose between Ramen Kuroda and Ramen Metro which are both very near to jeepney terminals on our ride back home. I was also given by Zomato an option in Mall of Asia to try Ippudo and the rest I actually forgot.

Ramen Kuroda newly opened in Double Dragon Plaza around December or early this year along with other known fast food chains. We arrived just before 7pm which gave us ample time to settle down and find a good seat. The place was really nice and somehow gives you a Japanese feel. 

As I said, it was both our first time so looking on their menu gave us a hard time. Haha! I have no idea about ramen so I don't know which one I'll like. Good thing, I did some research so I pretty much had an idea on what to order by looking on their menu in Zomato plus asking questions to my officemates. Daryl and I ended up with their Set meal which includes rice meal, a solo ramen, seasonal fruit and hot tea. We added an iced tea for our drink to cap off everything.

Ramen Teriyaki Pork Don Set Php 320

Ramen Teriyaki Chicken Don Set Php 340

Iced tea costs Php50 pesos for one serving. By the way, you can choose which ramen to get along with your set meal. I got their Shiro Ramen while Daryl had the Aka ramen which the lady said was spicy pero it wasn't too spicy naman.

When the food arrived, we asked the waiter to take photos of us together. We were told that they have a promotion that we should post our photos on our own facebook profile with a hashtag and get a voucher of their 4 pcs gyoza on our next visit. We were also encouraged to post each so we could get two vouchers. It should also be done before we pay the bill. We participated because we were definitely happy with the food and surely have reasons to go back. 

I actually cannot say anything about the ramen. It was my first time and I have nothing to compare it to. I like the noodle though since it wasn't that soft or malata. The saltiness was just fine while the pork melts in your mouth. We both enjoyed the food and kept on talking about it for the next 3 days. Haha!

Our experience was satisfying for the price that we paid. It was a really heavy meal that I have to ask for a second serving of hot tea (no extra charge). I know I couldn't sleep at night being too full. Now I learned my lesson to order ramen with no rice meal na because it was really filling with just ramen alone. I wasn't able to finish my food which I felt really guilty after. =( Yung feeling na gustong-gusto mong kainin kaso suko na talaga yung tyan mo? Hahah! I would like to also note that the staff were accommodating and smiles to you when you call their attention. I just hope they would continue to be mabait not only because bago pa lang yung branch.

Ramen Kuroda
Ground Floor, Double Dragon Plaza
DD Meridian Park cor Macapagal Ave,
EDSA Extension, Pasay

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Inns Hotel, Bacolod

During our Bacolod stay, my sister chose to book The Inns Hotel which was 10-15 minutes away from the port and walking distance from city proper. It was really convenient actually since my sister and I managed to go out at night to buy mineral water and toiletries in a nearby mercury drug store. We used our walking time for chismisan.

photo grabbed from

Anyway, we booked through I took the Standard room for only Php 800/night.

We arrived in the hotel around 10pm as we took the latest schedule trip of fastcat coming from Ilo-ilo. I noticed na walang parking lot? I wasn't 100% sure on that but as far as I can remember, nai park lang ang car sa tapat ng hotel.

The lobby looks nice! It's clean and spacious. Upon entrance, you'll see their restaurant on your left while the stairs and elevators are on the right side. We took the keys and went upstairs immediately so we can rest. We were so tired from Guimaras tour that same day.

Our room was located at 4th floor. The standard room is just like what they have advertised on Although the room has no view, it was completely fine. It was what I expected it to be although I wasn't satisfied with the AC being noisy and the room seemed dark. I mean hindi maaliwalas yung main lights, parang madilim.The bathroom was big enough with hot and cold shower. A television with selected channel which Jami used to kill some time. We had a double sized bed which somehow fit Nanay, Jami and I. There was a big closet too for our things plus a table and chairs on the side.

photo grabbed from

Meanwhile, my sister booked their Superior deluxe. Their room has a city view and a bath tub. It can also has an adjoining room for big families.

Our stay includes a buffet breakfast too. Although it has a very limited selection, it wasn't bad after all. We had a constrained time in the hotel due to our hectic schedule so I actually missed the opportunity to even take photos. Lol! Nakakapagod kasi talaga yung DIY itinerary ni ate but I liked it that way.

As I search for the hotel, I found out that it is now named The Bell Hotel in I am not sure if they re-named the hotel.

Over all, staying at The Inns Hotel/ The Bell Hotel was a nice option specially if your budget conscious without compromising quality.

The Bell Hotel
18 San Juan Street, Barangay 13, Bacolod, Philippines

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Jami's First Piggy Bank

Was saving money an easy job for you? If not, then read on. =)

Last year was another milestone for Jami as he has finally learned the importance of piggy bank and saving money. Was it easy? No. I have to constantly remind him what the money is for and tell him he can't buy new toys until piggy bank is full.

The Struggle

When Jami was only 2 months old, he was given an aguinaldo which I decided to save and put it on a plastic coin bank. A day after, he was rushed to emergency room due to Pneumonia. Since then, I heard that saving coins on a piggy bank was a bad idea. Para daw may pinaghahandaan kang sickness or a tragedy or problem etc. I have to get the money and spend it. Four months after, I opened a BDO Junior savings account for him. This way, I could put all his money for safe keeping. Unfortunately, I have to close it out last year because I have decided to put this money on my small business and make it double in a short period of time. Yes it did but eventually have to spend it somewhere else. Note: hindi sa luho. 

In my growing up years, I have never realized the importance of saving. It wasn't instill to my bones so it didn't become a part of me at all. I had money? I'll spend it to something I really want. Para bang hindi ako nakakatulog when I know I have money and I have to spend it or else I won't be happy at all. It was such a sad reality that's why I am so glad that I had so many realization last year. I learned a lot and I knew kung saan ako nagkulang and how to fix it.  

The Concept of Saving

Fast forward to July 2017, I decided to start teaching Jami the concept of piggy bank.I tried a different approach. When Nanay saw that we were serious in saving, he bought Jami a red piggy bank. Hinahayaan ko syang mag hulog ng money so he will feel the responsibility and joy of saving. Below are the two things I thought of before we start.

  1. Goal - It's very important you know what you are saving for. In his case, I asked him if he wants a bicycle. He said yes so I always tell him that his piggy bank, once full, could buy him a bike. With a goal in mind, we know what the money is for which kept both of us motivated to continue putting coins.
  2. Delayed Gratification - This is to remind him that we don't have enough money to buy a bike so he has to wait until the bank is full. Although he feels sad when I he asks for something but piggy isns't full yet, I tried my best to encourage him that piggy is getting heavier and will be full in no time. Madali pa naman mauto so I didn't have any problem so far. Haha!

I also gave these instructions to Jami:

  • He should put all 1 peso coin only. Whenever he sees one lying around the house or if someone gave him money, it should go straight to the coin bank. The only downside is, kapag nakakita nga sya ng coins, ilalagay nya regardless if sukli ko ba yun or coins ng daddy nya. There were times na when he see a wallet and found that it has coins inside, kukunin at ihuhulog sa piggy nya. Hahaha! It was cute but it was not right so I told him he has to ask permission to the owner of the coins if it's okay na ihulog yun sa piggy bank nya. Lol!
  • DON'T ALLOW ANYONE TO OPEN HIS PIGGY BANK. Yan! I told him don't let daddy get money on his piggy hahaha! True enough, when he wants new toy tapos nagta tantrums kay Nanay, he will be told na he doesn't have money but he can get on his piggy bank. Then he will remember that he cannot open his piggy bank yet so shut up na sya after. =D
  • His piggy bank, once full could buy him his own bike. Whenever he asks for a new toy or when he wants something, I always remind him that his piggy bank isn't full so he can't buy it yet. Except those times that he was doing a good job in school, pinagbibigyan namin to buy what he wants. Solely his piggy bank is dedicated to be opened in December. 

 The Opening Day

December 17, 2017 was when we decided to open his piggy bank kahit hindi pa puno. It was halfway full pa lang but I opted to count it to check his progress and to be able to buy him what he wants for the holiday.

In total, Jami saved a total of Php 2,260 including money gifts for his birthday. The same day, we went to Robinson's Las Pinas to exchange the coins and get rebates however, their budget of giving rebates were all used up the previous day so we had no choice but to exchange it without any rebates at all. We have no choice, ang bigat magdala ng madaming coins because we brought along my own 10 pesos challenge. Last minute, Jami decided he wants to buy a new toy. He has a thing with cars so when he saw one with tracks, he liked it and took it home. We spent Php1,000 so he was left with Php1,300. I am thinking of opening a new bank account for him where he could go to the bank and put his savings there by himself. 


You know I realize, hindi naman masama yung nag iipon ka ng coins at home. Sickness come regardless kung may ipon ka o wala. It's actually better if you have something saved at home for cases like that kesa naman you believed na masama and didn't save then you get sick diba? I want Jami to learn as early as now the importance of saving his money so he won't learn it the hard way like I did. I am just hoping that we will be consistent in doing it. I know I have to be the best person to set an example so help me God.

For this year, Nanay bought Jami another piggy bank which was a lot smaller compared to the previous one. Although I prefer the bigger one so it will take time to get full and will be very timely in December to open, I am thankful he gave Jami a new one. We are almost halfway and probably just buy a new one when we filled this out earlier than December. Our new goal was to really, really, really buy a bike na daw talaga. haha! Okay fine.

This year will be an #Amazing2018 for us. Let's see by the end of the year how our saving goals worked out. How about you guys? Share nyo naman saving strategy nyo for your kids! =)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mutual Fund by Sun Life

One of the things that I am looking forward to experience is investing. I have been reading quite a few number of books and online articles/blogs related to money management and all of it says something about investing. However, before you step into investments, it requires knowledge and patience as it doesn't offer a huge profit for a short period of time unless you have studied stocks and trading in great heights.

Anyway, when I saw a promo posted on TipidMommy's facebook page regarding Sun Life's Mutual Fund, I have contacted her agent and inquired about it. I have then met Ms. Che Gernandizo who answered all my questions. Believe me, I had a LOT of questions and have been communicating with her almost everyday. Hahah! I am just so thankful that she's so patient with me until I am contented with all her answers and fully understood mutual fund.

Although I have some basic knowledge prior to this, I still would want to confirm everything that I know specially the ins and outs of the company where I will put my hard-earned money. Sun Life has a great track record and has been in business for a very long time so I didn't hesitate. Besides, having a dedicated financial advisor helped me trust the company more.

When I had finally set a goal as to why I am investing in Mutual Fund, fully decided, we set an appointment near our office so I could submit the forms she sent thru my email ahead of time. I filled it out, deposited the required minimum amount, signed the papers and submitted it to her personally. I just waited for roughly 2 weeks since the company received a lot of application and had backlogs due to their ongoing promo.

The offered promotion of Sun life was for money market fund which is an investment vehicle for conservative type of investors and has a track record of up to 2% per annum. Instead of Php5,000 initial amount required to invest, it was lowered to only Php500.


Since my goal is long term investment, I was hoping to transfer my fund to Equity or Index Fund which is for aggressive type of investor as soon as possible. I know that time is on my side so I have to maximize this investment. Remember, the higher the risk, the higher the returns.

Everyday has been so exciting watching my first passive income. Although it was a very, very, very small gains, I feel happy because you cannot get Php5 pesos just parking your money on your wallets nor putting it on a savings account in a bank. I mean, you can get 5 pesos in a bank after 6 months probably depending on the amount of money kept. Every payouts, I did some top ups until I got a go signal to switch my portfolio to Index Fund which has a track record of up 21% per annum.


Since I am a very agitated and excited type of person, I downloaded the Sunlife App on my phone so I could watch it closely. Although it is recommended to let it do its magic for a long period of time, there's something about checking it everyday regardless if the NAVPS (net asset value per share) is up or down. It motivates and reminds me of my goals. 

When I reached Php5,000 on my money market portfolio, I transferred my fund to Index immediately. Why Index? Well, the amount per share is quite low at the time so I will be able to buy a lot of shares. How did I transferred my fund? I did all my transactions thru their app in a breeze. It was a user friendly app plus an attentive financial advisor made me so happy I made the right decision. 


What I initially did is to go to the nearest BPI and deposit the money on SLAMCI's account. Take picture of my deposit slip then fill out the order form thru the Sunlife App. After some time, I asked my advisor if I could skip going to the banks and just transfer the fund thru BPI mobile app. I am so glad it worked fine. All I have to do was to transfer the fund to SLAMCI's bank account just like a normal fund transfer, take a screenshot of the confirmation, fill out the form on Sunlife's app and wait for the confirmation of additional shares bought the next day. 

Here's a step by step guide on how you could submit an order ticket form thru SunLife App.

1.) Download the SunLife Portal on your phone. 

Sunlife Portal Landing Page
2.) Upon sign up, it will ask you to nominate your PIN for you additional security. 

3.) This page will show up after you key in your PIN. It contains your account number, number of shares you have, the NAVPS from the previous day and the total fund value. To submit an order ticket form, tap on the fund name to bring you to the next screen.

4.)To be able to submit an order form, tap on the + button which will offer you to either REDEEM FUND, SWITCH FUND or ADD FUND. Select Add fund to see the form. This is where I also switched my fund from Money Market to Index Fund.

5.) The form should look like below. Fill out the form according to which bank and how much top up you did. Upload the screen shot of the bank confirmation for transfer fund or take a photo of your deposit slip for over the counter payment.

 After submitting the form, an order ticket number will be given to you. You may take note of it if you wish. A separate email will be sent to you to confirm the transaction has been received and once processed (which could take 24hours), another email will be sent to confirm the total number of shares bought and the amount per share according to the NAVPS. They also send text messages and a letter to confirm subscription in the mail.

Should you wish, you can also arrange an auto debit from your payroll or savings account to automatically fund your portfolio. To do so, please contact your financial advisor. Cut off for top ups is at 12noon. Additional funds processed before cut off time will buy the closing NAVPS from previous day (5pm) while anything after cut off will buy today's closing NAVPS. For any questions, please contact your financial advisor.


I have waited two years before I finally had the chance to try Mutual Fund. Reading a lot of blogs/books/articles and joining facebook groups about money management somehow prepared me to this date. There was a time when I switched to Index Fund where I had paper loss. As I check it everyday, all I could say was, "down pa rin ang market" then shake it off. I kept reminding myself of my long term goal and there's nothing to worry about. True enough, the market bounced back, returned my paper loss and even added more. Since I am on Index Fund, means it mirrors PSEi, I could check the market's performance and expect the same gain or loss on my portfolio. 

It's been a month since the last time I added fund to my account. This is because I could see that the market is on green and is consistently going up for the last couple of days. I intend to add funds when the market goes down. Besides, I have other goals that I have to prioritize at this time. This portfolio is intended for our Retirement fund and thinking about it gives me fuel to continue working hard everyday. 

All I can say is, before you get yourself into investing, make sure that you prepared yourself to any changes as NAVPU could go up and down everyday. Being emotional in investing is never a good thing along with trading as it can cost you a lot of money if you're not fully knowledgeable. It will be best to set your goal for long term (5years and up) to maximize your gains. You can also do PESO-COST AVERAGING meaning putting the same amount (or more) money consistently (every salary or monthly). There are days where market is up which could buy you lesser number of shares and vice versa and can buy you more when market is down. Read a lot or ask questions until you fully understand the risks.

While every Mom's wish was to give out the best to our kids, we also have to make sure that all our hard work are not put to waste. Make your money work for you, not the other way around. We will not be young or strong forever, so while you can spare some amount for your future self, please do it now.


If you are born poor, it's not your mistake, but if you die poor, it's your mistake. - Bill Gates