Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Look back at 2017

This 2018 felt good! It is said to be a year of the Earth Dog based on Chinese Calendar. There's something in this year that I felt I should be looking forward to.

I know this will be another year to continue reaching for our goals. I have written some on my old planner just so I could polish them before writing it down to my new planner. I was kind of unsure at this point since we have a lot of things planned for the year. I have to consistently communicate with Daryl to make sure that we are both in line with our mission this year.

I have decided to write this year down as #Amazing2018. I can't wait to become close to those goals and it's very exciting to actually think about achieving them. I will blog about our goals as soon as I am satisfied with it. It wasn't just a simple dreams that I write about. I want to have a game plan and a strategy on how we could achieve them. Hindi na kasi pwede yung SANA SANA lang or the dreaming stage lang and wait until we achieve them without a concrete plan of the HOW diba?

Anyway, I want to look back on our 2017. Not just what happened to the goals but also the good and the bad that happened last year.


  • I had trials at work specially that I felt a superior doesn't like me. What made me happy was I finally got hold of my dream phone! Lol! Pero hindi brand new although in good condition naman. What's important is I got it fully paid in time. =) 


  • We had our annual physical exam in the office which made me realize that I am gaining weight from the previous APE. This was the same month when I decided to push myself to the limit and go on a strict diet. I blogged about it here



  • I was meant to be promoted at work. I had an existing memo until mid-March. A day after the memo was lifted, I applied for a position and yes, I was hired by the end of the month! :D
  • I joined the new team's outing in Calaguas Island. It was free for us while I paid extra for Daryl. I tagged along Jami and Daryl since they allowed family members to join us on this trip! :) 


  • Daryl's birthday month. We celebrated at home since we just came from Calaguas the day before. 
  • Weight loss became noticeable by 2-3 people. 
  • I was able to secure my SSS loan by applying in their amnesty or SSS Reconstructing Program which I blogged about here.


  • We had a quick getaway at Stilts Calatagan for Mother's Day with Daryl's side of the family.
  • I stopped going on a diet at 57kgs. My initial target was 60kgs but people missed me in my chubby self hahah! Anyway, I was happy with 57kgs although it's 2kgs more than my average weight for my height.


  • My birth month. We had a short celebration, just the three of us in Shakey's Mall of Asia. We were looking to claim gift sana for birthday celebrant kaso you have to have a membership card which will cost Php400. Okay sana however, the freebie also cost the same amount. I thought about it for a while and decided not to get the card because we won't use it often. 
  • Jami started going to school. He was enrolled in a small school around the area and so far, I am glad with how he's performing. 
  • Daryl started his new career. I was so glad for him he gets to work in the airport which somehow co-related to his college degree. He was also happy and contented with work which was a lot important. 
  • We struggled financially this month since Daryl and Jami were both starting. We don't have fund to support the additional expenses which ended up taking loans left and right. 
  • Gigantes Island - Guimaras - Bacolod trip with Jami. 


  • I started accepting baking orders again to help us cope up with finances.



  •  I manage to get a new business partner and very active re-seller of my baked goods. 
  • Finally had the chance to experience Dreamplay for my nephews 7th birthday. 



  • I started my Mutual Fund with Sunlife Asset Management (SLAMCI). I saw an online promo from Tipid Mommy's facebook page where you could start investing for only Php500 rather than Php5,000. I met a financial advisor na sobrang maasikaso and very helpful. Should you need one in the future, please let me know. =) 



  • I finally had the feeling of having passive income! hahaha! Although super duper small, it felt good thinking that it will grow big in the long run. 
  • Jami's birthday celebration in school. 
  • Took a life insurance from Pru Life UK which I will blog about separately. 



  • Approval of my Life insurance application.
  • Started building our Emergency Fund. 
  • Renewed my passport.



  • Successfully saved coins from July to mid-December. Jami was able to save around 2,000+ including monetary gifts while I had less than Php3,000 of 10s and 5s coins. =) I intended to use the money for our New Year's eve budget while Jami bought a new toy and saved 50%. 
  • For the first time, I celebrated my NYE away from home. =)
You know somehow I felt that we had a good 2017. I mean it was surely a roller coaster ride but nevertheless, it gave us a lot of things to learn and that we were able to start on something new. My personal goal was to become a wiser version of myself and I felt I was able to pull it off. Anyway, I believe naman that the most important thing is that you learn and ready to start again. New year never fails to replenish my hopes that I am one step closer to my goals. I somehow felt na nag mature ako. Ganito pala ang feeling, Lol! #Adulting101. Hahahah! Tita na talaga.

It's day 10 of 2018. I hope you all have a wonderful year ahead.

#GreenTeam for #Amazing2018

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