Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Re-visiting Goals 2017 Part 2

So it's 2018! Just like that!

Grabe sobrang bilis ano?! I didn't even realize that December is about to end.

Hay nakooo!

Anyway, I had a wonderful 2017 and I always wanted to look back by writing them. Good thing I discovered the use of a planner because reading everything that I have written down in the last 12 months give me so much satisfaction with the year that passed. I have realized sooo many things and even remembered some at that instant which I completely forgot happening. Weird feeling actually. Hehe.

Well, I said I had a satisfactory feeling after 2017 being able to accomplish so many things. I had a go-go energy as per my Chinese calendar prediction and I guess that was true. I did a lot of new things, gained new friends, acquired new skills and learned new stuff. It was a roller coaster ride but I really feel contented. I even reviewed my goals in August to check if I am in line with my goals. Part of it was great and some were not. I intentionally not complete all of them based on my priorities.

Should you wish to look back, click here for my 2017 goals and an update here in August 2017.

I was able to still complete some before the year ends and that made my goals for last year at 70% done. I'll write down those that I wasn't able to complete na lang to make it short. The rest that aren't on the list are completed.

Personal Goals

  • Attend Workshops - No, I didn't attend a workshop still. Although this could enhance my baking skills which I use for earning extra money, I wasn't ready financially since my extra income helped us get back on our feet when things got rough in mid-2017. I am looking to at least do this in 2018 and save money for it. 
  • Vaccine - No vaccine for us in the entire year. Good thing we only caught colds twice a year and no health issues far more than that. Thank you Lord!
  • Loose Weight - I was able to maintain it until last month where I gained 2kg. I let it be since it's the holidays where there were food left and right. Sweets are my weakness! I don't crave rice, bread etc. But sweets?? Please! Let there be peace on Earth. Hahaha! Nag uubos na lang talaga ako ng food from New Year's Eve tapos I'll go back on dieting.

Family Goals

  • Staycation & Photoshoot - are the very least in our priority this year so I intentionally didn't put an effort to it. Maybe in the coming years na lang.

Relationship Goals

  • Eat Out/Date Night/Movie together/Spa Together - Yes we had some eat outs with just the two of us and we used it to talk about some things and you know, just reminisce the old time. Hehe! Hope we could have one at least once every month or every 2 weeks. I am looking for a movie or spa together which weren't completed.

Financial Goals

  • Beef up Emergency Fund - Hay nako etong Emergency Fund na ito, taon-taon na lang. hahaha! But hey, we had some improvement before the year ended. I was able to save some although really small lang compare sa aming goal but at least, we had something saved. It's a big leap of adjustment but we were there. Tuloy-tuloy na ito! Wala na ng SANA, para magkatotoo naman. Hahahah!
  • School Fund -  No school fund yet but this is included on our 2018 goal.
  • Travel Fund - No travel fund yet since we had other much more important goal to achieve like the first two above.
  • More Sideline/Additional Income - compared to last year, the holidays of 2017 gave me lesser orders but I am not complaining. The money helped us cope up faster than expected so it was a really big help. Besides, I didn't do a lot of marketing this year since I felt I need a lot of sleep at times. 

So there you have it guys! I didn't write down those that I was able to complete just so I could completely tick them off. Although I had some that are not completed, I felt happy with 2017 for being a #WiserMe version. I can't wait to start my #Amazing2018 and to see what's in store for me and my Family.

Thank you for your continued support guys! We may have a prosperous 2018! =)

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