Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Valentine's Dinner in Ramen Kuroda

So it's the end of February na pala! I lost track of time and didn't realize na hindi pala ako nakapag post ni isang entry sa blog for this month. Lol!

I need to learn time management. I easily get distracted so most of the time, hindi ko nagagawa yung mga dapat kong gawin. Hehe.

Anyway, what I really want to talk about was our Valentine's Dinner at Ramen Kuroda. Being a picky eater, I have very small selection of food that I like. However, as years pass by, I am more open in trying different food than those that are super familiar for me. I always hear my officemate talk about ramen and I wonder what's in it that makes them salivate for just thinking about it.

When Daryl asked me about our plan for the day, I immediately told him that we'll just eat ramen. I guess Daryl liked the idea since it will be another first for the both of us. I did some research of restaurants that we can go to along Pasay. It was our halfway point and it will be easier for us to go home. I also thought that there will be a lot of people going in malls, watching movies etc., so to avoid the crowd, we went to the newly opened Double Dragon Plaza near Blue Bay walk.

I have to choose between Ramen Kuroda and Ramen Metro which are both very near to jeepney terminals on our ride back home. I was also given by Zomato an option in Mall of Asia to try Ippudo and the rest I actually forgot.

Ramen Kuroda newly opened in Double Dragon Plaza around December or early this year along with other known fast food chains. We arrived just before 7pm which gave us ample time to settle down and find a good seat. The place was really nice and somehow gives you a Japanese feel. 

As I said, it was both our first time so looking on their menu gave us a hard time. Haha! I have no idea about ramen so I don't know which one I'll like. Good thing, I did some research so I pretty much had an idea on what to order by looking on their menu in Zomato plus asking questions to my officemates. Daryl and I ended up with their Set meal which includes rice meal, a solo ramen, seasonal fruit and hot tea. We added an iced tea for our drink to cap off everything.

Ramen Teriyaki Pork Don Set Php 320

Ramen Teriyaki Chicken Don Set Php 340

Iced tea costs Php50 pesos for one serving. By the way, you can choose which ramen to get along with your set meal. I got their Shiro Ramen while Daryl had the Aka ramen which the lady said was spicy pero it wasn't too spicy naman.

When the food arrived, we asked the waiter to take photos of us together. We were told that they have a promotion that we should post our photos on our own facebook profile with a hashtag ramenkuroda.ph and get a voucher of their 4 pcs gyoza on our next visit. We were also encouraged to post each so we could get two vouchers. It should also be done before we pay the bill. We participated because we were definitely happy with the food and surely have reasons to go back. 

I actually cannot say anything about the ramen. It was my first time and I have nothing to compare it to. I like the noodle though since it wasn't that soft or malata. The saltiness was just fine while the pork melts in your mouth. We both enjoyed the food and kept on talking about it for the next 3 days. Haha!

Our experience was satisfying for the price that we paid. It was a really heavy meal that I have to ask for a second serving of hot tea (no extra charge). I know I couldn't sleep at night being too full. Now I learned my lesson to order ramen with no rice meal na because it was really filling with just ramen alone. I wasn't able to finish my food which I felt really guilty after. =( Yung feeling na gustong-gusto mong kainin kaso suko na talaga yung tyan mo? Hahah! I would like to also note that the staff were accommodating and smiles to you when you call their attention. I just hope they would continue to be mabait not only because bago pa lang yung branch.

Ramen Kuroda
Ground Floor, Double Dragon Plaza
DD Meridian Park cor Macapagal Ave,
EDSA Extension, Pasay