Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Third Month is Out

So ayun na nga! Matatapos na ang buwan ni wala pa din akong post na matino! hahaha!

Sorry mga momshies! Mejo ngarag lang talaga ako this month. Sobrang daming event at gastos, na stress na ako kakaisip. Heheh!

Anyway, kahit napakagastos ng left and right na event, I am so glad since most of them are on a happy side. I should blog about them sometime for safekeeping of these wonderful memories. Sarap kaya magbasa ng old posts.

So ayon, I am not actually here to blog something. Wala pa ako sa wisyo ngayon because I have to wake up every four hours for the past 3 days to make Jami drink his medicine. Yes, he's still sick at the moment and naiyak ako sa presyo ng gamot. But yeah, hoping he'll get better soon!

Thank you everyone for always looking after this blog. I'll shall update you soon. Mwuah! =D

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