Thursday, April 26, 2018

SnapCart - A Mom's Helpful App

Doing grocery is a chore I usually do once a week, preferably on a weekend during my off. Some days, I do it almost everyday since Puregold is just around the corner. Our grocery usually consists of toiletries, meat, bread, spread and snacks for Jami.

Couple of months ago, I was introduced in Snapcart from the group I joined that tackles about budgeting and savings. It was a cashback app which can be downloaded on Android or IOS system. I have seen people using the app and earning cashback thru grocery receipt. Since we usually do groceries too, I decided to try this one and see if it really works.

The question is, do you really get a cashback by snapping your grocery receipt?

Answer is YES. A really big YES! This app was a tried and tested app for me and I was able to get cashback twice, directly deposited on my bank account. Before you get excited, let me tell you how this app works.

How do you use this app?
  •  First things first, download the app by searching for "Snapcart". It works on ios and android system as mentioned above. Once downloaded, you have to create a profile and start snapping your receipts.

  • What's inside the Snapcart App?

This is Snapcart's landing page after you register/sign in.

By playing around the app, it'll give you much more information that you should know. I have listed down some for some basic things you have to see but you can also tap the three lines on the upper left hand side of the screen to show you the help center.

  • Every time you snap your receipt, your level will be upgraded. This means that the multiplier of your cashback gets bigger the more you snap receipts. You will start with regular which is x1.0 of cashback amount per receipt. 

  •  Each receipts merit a corresponding amount as shown below. Grocery, drug store, convenient store, department store (make up's purchases only) can be accepted. You may look into the FAQs for further details.

  • When you snap a receipt, it will go on receipt history where you can find all the receipts you submitted. As you can see, I had a lot of rejected receipts before I got used in snapping. There are several reasons why receipts are being rejected. It can either be blurred, incomplete (since you have to snap from top to bottom) etc. Just find a well lit area or turn on your phone's flash to capture everything. Those receipts under "Sent" are for approval.

  •  I know you might be wondering if this app is actually legit! Yes it is! As you can see below, I was able to cash out twice which was sent directly to my bank account. You can also use it as a prepaid load. Minimum amount to cash out is Php200 with additional fee of Php20 for bank fees. 

  •  Always keep snapping to make sure your status won't get downgraded. In this part, you'll be able to see the previous weeks status and see the date of coverage per week. 

  •  Lastly, this app have bonus games where you are asked to answer surveys, watch videos, or take pictures of things you are asked. In this page, you'll earn coins which can be used in a spin game where you could earn more coins or cashback. I always like the cashback. =D

You may thought that Php200 isn't much but it can actually pile up to a huge savings later on. Could you imagine I got Php400 pesos in total by just snapping my receipt? I used to throw my receipts away or leave it in the counter without realizing that these small pieces could also bring extra cash. =) So Momshies, next time you do your grocery, take care of your receipts because it means cash. Haha! Happy Snapping! 

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