Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Benefits of Having Wigs for your Easy Fashion Fix

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We all know that our hair plays an important role in our daily lives, specially for most women out there. Like my high school teacher says, our hair is our crowning glory that's why we have to take good care of it and treat it well.

Being born with a thick hair, I actually never get the chance to wear a wig all my life. I could remember seeing some samples of wig in salons where I used to have my hair cut. I always wonder why some people need one when they have their own crowning glory. Later I realize what's the hype all about. Wearing wig could actually change your entire look without wasting so much money on salon treatments which if I may add, may or may not give you the result you always wanted. It's actually saving you couple of bucks to wear one rather than get your hair undergo a massive change of color or style.

I came to realize that it was a good idea to wear one on a special occasion like attending a wedding, on graduation or even just on a regular day when you just feel you wanted to. I know you get my point there ladies! =)

Divatress is a company that showcase different types of hair care products and wigs. They have different types of wigs to choose from which also comes wide variety of colors. Here are some of the wigs I would like to try myself.

I particularly love this wig because I always wanted to have a short hair.

I like the curl and length of this one too.

Wearing wigs could actually have a lot of benefits. I have listed some that you should consider before you actually have your natural hair undergo a major change.

  • Cheaper - well, should I need to say more? Some hair transformation could get you in trouble, it may be changing the color, style or even the length. Changing hair colors could mean a lot of money out of your pocket specially if the salon didn't get your color peg right the first time. Sure they may or may not charge you for fixing it but can your hair handle all the treatment?
  • Versatile - You can have a curly long hair, curly short hair with big locks, or even straight hair. Wigs can offer you different styles and color day by day. It's perfect for working moms and students that are always on the go and have no time to style their hair. 
  • Fashionable - Our hair can make or break the overall look. You may have a designer top or jeans but when you are having a bad hair day, everything's ruined. Those days will always come so better have a wig handy just so you won't exert much effort in one of your lazy days. =)
I hope these tips could make you decide why you need a wig not just for special events but also for your daily easy-fashion fix. =)

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