Monday, June 4, 2018

Our Photobook Experience

Two months ago, Mommy Bloggers Philippines was given a chance to try Photobook Worldwide app. We were given a code for free 6x6 hard bound 20 pages photobook. 

I had known Photobook Philippines since 2015, purchased a discounted voucher code twice or thrice but always got no chance to start creating the book. I was too lazy to consolidate photos because mostly had low resolution and unclear. Codes had expire and no books arrived.

When I figured out that the voucher given to us was for Photobook app, I immediately downloaded the app to check on how it works. I was glad to know that I only have to upload the photos, re-size, and arrange the sequence according to my liking. I want our first photobook to be Jami's growing years so I collected his photos from Day 1 to recent. Since I can only put up to 20 photos in it, I have to carefully choose those photos that reminds me so much of his childhood.

When I was confident with the layout, I finished the order and paid the shipping fee thru Paymaya. Photobook has 7 days guaranteed shipping which made me really excited to see the outcome. Due to holy week, my order arrived after the holidays. I had it delivered in the office and was so thrilled that the courier (DHL) sends a text message as to when the package will arrive. Surely, they arrived on the  day they said they will deliver.

I can't contain my happiness upon seeing our first photobook!! I liked the quality of the paper and the print of each photos came out clear. They even arranged the photos because I didn't know I could re-size them when I submitted the order. Lol! Super excited lang mag order haha! The book had a hardbound cover which made it easier for safe keeping since it will not deform easily.

With the success of my first Photobook, I had a feeling of wanting to order more. Nakakaadik pala yung happiness to see your social media photos printed. I decided to buy vouchers from Metrodeal of 6x6 40 pages soft cover photobook for only Php20. This time, I will have to use the website to create the book. It was quite easy since they have thousands of templates to choose from or if you have the eye for designing your own book, you can do so.

Since this one carries more pages than the first one, I decided to collate all our photos for 2017. Every month, I selected the highlights for the past 12 months and include it in. I got the option to add more photos on each page versus what is already on the template. I also had the chance to put or add my own designs or even arrange it according to my liking. I find the website versatile than the app. I even had words and messages added on each pages to make it more dramatic and memorable. I want to remember every story of each picture so I put in some keywords on each photos.

Just like my first order, the second one arrived on the 7th day from order date. I was so satisfied with the outcome since the images look crisps even if some are low resolution photos. As you know, soft cover lang yung second book but it doesn't look like it will deform easily, unless you intentionally do so. It was like a smaller version of glossy magazines so this made me really happy.

One thing I didn't quite like was the photos I uploaded near the binding. Due to binding of the book, the photos inside look like cropped. It was partly my fault because of the template I chose. It would only be perfect for photobook with flat layout.

Anyway, I learned my lesson in choosing my template and arranging photos so I know my future photobook will be as good as this one. I actually bought two more vouchers which I am planning to use in the future.

A tip to those who don't have a paypal, credit or debit card, you may download a Paymaya app. This app could give you a virtual card that you can use to purchase things online. You only have to cash in money thru their partners (I cashed in through 7-11) then you can use it immediately because the posting of money is real time. =)

Do I recommend photobook? A big YES! Imagine being able to print out more than 140 photos in one book made it more appealing. Did I save money in it? For me, it's a Yes. I only paid for the shipping fee of Php200-250 and additional Php 20 for the voucher and I got 140 images. Lumalabas na less than Php 2 lang per photo. Although hindi ito kalakihan (some are 2x2 size), I had no problem with it since nakikita pa rin naman. I just have to arrange the sizes of the photos and give emphasize to each photos na feeling ko ay maganda at deserve maging highlight per page.

Photobooks are actually a great gift for birthdays and anniversary (you name it!).

I am still thinking of when to you the codes that I bought. I stock them just in case I need one. Although lagi naman naka sale ang voucher ng Photobook in Metrodeal, I still want to have one for emergency situation. Lol! You just have to take down notes of the expiration of your voucher para hindi masayang! :) Share your work para magka idea din ako. I uploaded some videos of mine on IG (@its_mommy_jen) should you want to see more of these books that I made. :)

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