Monday, June 25, 2018

PNR or Philippine National Railways and What to Expect

Last week, I celebrated my 28th birthday! =)

I can't believe it! Ang bilis lang talaga ng panahon. There were days that I think of me as the 20 years old young, dumb and broke version! hahaha.

Anyway, just like last year, I didn't file a day off from work. I actually went half day just so we could have a blowing of candles at home. Daryl bought cakes the night before to surprise me in the morning! Ang sweet ng Babe ko na to! Hahah =)

He actually asked me to choose the cake that he'll buy but I was torn with Mary Grace's chocolate cake and black velvet nila. There's a Mary Grace Cafe branch in Naia Terminal 3 kaya nakabili sya. Na surprise naman ako na dalawa talaga ang binili nya for me. =)

I woke up early then woke Jami and Daryl up so they could sing me happy birthday song! Lol! Haha. Yun din naman ang instruction ni Daryl the night before, gisingin ko daw sya pagka gising ko. I cooked them breakfast and ate the chocolate cake. We also bought Pansit ni Aling Lucy's Panciteria. Super mura kasi doon and masarap naman talaga. They only have 2 branches and bought are in Las Pinas. Good thing yung isang branch, walking distance lang from home so kayang- kaya bumili anytime na biglaan. We didn't plan anything grand for my birthday. Alam nyo naman, hindi talaga ako sanay ng mga bonggahan birthday. Laging birthday celebration at home with family and closest friends lang.

As a promise to myself last year, I planned on doing something new or experience new things yearly as much as possible. Regardless if it's big or small things so long as it's something new and helpful to me as a person. Lol! I actually can't think of anything else and doesn't want to spend a cent until one rainy day, I thought of doing something that I wished I have done years ago.

If you're living in the south of Metro Manila (e.g Las Pinas and Cavite), you are probably experiencing heavy traffic in Coastal Road given the improvements on the expressway. Sobrang traffic that the last straw was when I spent 3 hours on the road just to get home. It was the worst! I never dealt with that before and 2 hours of travel time is the longest that I can bare these days. I have a son whose waiting for me back home so I don't want to be staying on the road doing nothing while this could be used for a bonding moment with Jami or Daryl diba?

Anyway, a day before my birthday, I finally decided to try another route. Walking distance from the office building was a PNR station. I always think of PNR is worst than MRT. I can see their trains are old and rusty, over crowded and not well-maintained stations. However, I always wanted to try to ride someday and I guess that someday was the day before I turned 28th. I thought this will be a good additional experience for me.

I was so scared since I don't know what to expect. I heard a lot of horror story in the past about PNR like people living along the train tracks are throwing things (worst? Poop) on the train, a lot of pickpockets, mga ganyan! Hahaha! But I also had that exciting feeling na finally makakasakay na ako and I have something new to do. Sobrang babaw lang ano? But I made the right decision sa pag discover ng pagsakay sa train.

How was the experience? It was great actually. I have been riding the train since then. I have listed down the Pros and Cons.


1. Cheaper. Yes! I am able to spare Php10 off my daily transportation budget which I can add on my expenses for the day or additional savings.
2. Since I get on and off their last station (Alabang), I always have some time to sit down before going off the train or save myself a seat and nap for 20 minutes before going to work.
3. Timely. They have a scheduled arrival and departure of trains. There were times na mejo late ng 2-10 minutes pero bearable naman compare sa MRT and LRT na hindi mo alam kung may darating ba o wala. Hahah!
*Edited - I actually experience a delay of 30 minutes. This was during heavy rain fall. 
4. Train Marshals. Yes! They have train marshals
5. Slightly bigger trains with overhead open cabins for your things. It will make it convenient for those that are standing kasi they could put their bags overhead para hindi masikip masyado.


1. Crowded. Just like our other trains here in Manila (MRT and LRT), crowded din naman talaga but since they have wider trains, mas maraming kayang i accommodate. 
2. AC unit not enough. During times na sobrang crowded, the ac unit could not cool the train properly so mejo nagiging mainit sa loob but you are always welcome to open the windows. They have screens na so in case of emergency na may nangbato, hindi naman tatamaan yung mga pasahero.
3. Railways are not maintained. Since madaming nakatira sa paligid ng railway, I guess mahirap tuloy i maintain ang facility. Open area ang bawat stations although may guards naman, hindi din basta basta makakapasok ang mga hindi pasahero.
4. Due to settlers living near the train tracks, laging bumubusina yung train to let people know that it's coming. Minsan kasi, may mga bata talagang nag lalaro along the tracks kaya madalas may naaksidente. Most of the time maingay yung train due to constant honking.
5. Inaccessible during heavy rain fall. Since PNR has stations in Manila area which gets flooded easily (Espana), train gets delayed and worst, cancel it's scheduled arrival.

Above all these, I am quite happy with the experience and it was something I always look forward to nowadays. It's a perfect break from all those traffic and it makes my day interesting. I have been working in the same company for 4 years and finding new ways to transport is one of my way to make sure I am not bored on my daily routine. =)

Again, Happy Birthday to myself! A tap on the back for always being happy despite of the life trials! =)

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