Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Highest Meralco Bill I ever paid!

It was a good thing that summer is over so makaka move on na tayo sa pag a unlimited aircon hindi ba mommies?

When Daryl and I started living together, we of course have been paying our own bills. I am so glad that we now have wonderful jobs that give us food on our plate and enough money for our needs. Bonus na lang kung merong pang 'wants'. Anyway, our ac unit is broken since last year after summer. It broke exactly the first week of rainy season so hindi ko na muna sya ipinagawa dahil tag-ulan naman na. The problem was the frion. Hindi lumalamig yung unit because it ran out of Frion na daw. Since June last year, we contented ourselves na walang ac. Okay naman, nabuhay naman kami because the weather was not that humid unlike kapag summer months talaga diba?

Fast forward to late March when summer started, grabe hirap na hirap na kami matulog. Our room has a direct sunlight in the afternoon so imagine the humidity inside our room when the sun sets. Sobrang init talaga! Daryl and I decided to get the ac fixed. We contacted someone via Facebook which happened to be our schoolmate in High School.

We were charged Php3,300 ata which includes the total renovation of our ac. Inayos pa kasi yung mismong makina dahil butas butas na daw (he showed us naman na totoong sira na) plus the Frion charging and cleaning. Pikit-mata na lang sa pagbabayad kahit over budget ng Php800. Hahaha! Our budget kasi was only Php2,500 to get it fixed pero dahil no choice na rin naman, inisip na lang namin na magiging maalwan na ang pagtulog namin sa gabi.

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Or so I thought.

Came April, the appliance usage was soaring high!

Late night use of TV which usually only up to 10pm. By that time, umaabot ata ng 1am.
Almost everyday na pag gamit ng washing machine (dryer).
Nataon pang night shift si Daryl so meaning, he has to use the ac in the afternoon to be able to sleep well sa hapon. And since sobrang init nga, I let them be para na rin kay Jami. He tends to stay inside our room kapag naka on ang ac.

I was really nervous come end of April when our Meralco bill usually arrives. I was expecting it to be more or less Php 2,500+. Our usual bill was Php 1,000 to Php1,300 during cold weather months while it goes up to Php 2,500 every summer months. When the bill came? Halos maiyak ako! Hahaha!

Don't be fooled, dalawang bill talaga yan. We had one that's due since last month for Php 1,800+ plus the new bill of Php 3,500+.

Even so, I was so surprise to see na sobrang tumaas yung bill from Php 2,500 with ac usage (previous summer months) to Php 3,500 for only a month this year! I was told tumaas nga din daw talaga ang singil ng kuryente. When I posted this photo of our bill, ang daming naka relate! So basically nag taasan nga lahat and almost everyone had the same horror story.

I was just glad that summer months are over and we are starting to have rains. I remember when I was younger, tuwang-tuwa ako kapag summer, ngayon sobrang scared ko na kasi ang taas ng bill ng kuryente! hahahah! It wasn't that hot in the afternoon anymore so no ac usage while we limit to only 3-4 hours come night time. We also watched the usage of every appliances at home and make sure they are turned off when not in use. I am expecting it will lower down to Php2,000+ for the month of May 25 to June 24 cut off.

How about you guys? What are your Meralco bills horror story? =)

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