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Hi, I am Jen. Came from my full name Jenilyn Alipio. A young first time mother to Dwayne James and a girlfriend to Daryl.
I started this blog for the sake of me travelling. I wanted to be able to help those in need of advices of where and what to do in such a wonderful place. However, I never anticipated that travel is one expensive hobby. Lol! Unlike those travel bloggers, I only get to travel twice or thrice a year plus I don't organize the itinerary. It was my eldest sister who did all those nerve and mind wrecking itineraries.
I have decided later on to add bits of fashion herein. I was so inspired with those beautiful, well-dressed individuals in Lookbook.nu hence I decided to challenge my own sense of fashion. What I have realized by then was, I am not the richest of them all to buy new clothes everyday, or every other day, or once or twice a week. Though I have so many clothes to play with, either that they were out of trend or I have worn them in one, two, three entries. Aside from that, I am struggling to find a nice topic to discuss with that will interest a lot of people in fashion industry. I am not a fashion guru or anything. I just want to blog. Later on, I decided to stop. I have been absent for so long. I have been pregnant and all.
I was browsing the Top Blogs.com.ph and came across some Mommy blogs. I have realized, why not blog my baby blues, how my baby grows and how I will try my hardest to become a mom to James?
So that's the birth of the new face of my dearest blog - "Jen and the Happiness". Here, I will share my everyday life with James and Daryl, how to become a mom and how I will seek for my own happiness in this wonderful life. Join me as I celebrate my motherhood with innate fashionable and travelling heart!! Oh diba bongga? Viva mga Mudra!! :)

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